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22nd March4 min read

Dice games aren't nearly as common in the casinos as card or other tabletop games. It's often hard to find 1, if any dice games from the selection of casino games. It's a shame because there are some amazing dice games out there that rival even the casino classics.

So we've trawled through all the games that feature dice and their accompanying casinos, to find you the best dice games and where you can play them.

The Top Online Casino Dice Games

These are the best online dice games that the mobile casinos have to offer.

Beat The Croupier

Beat The Croupier is one of the few games with an active dealer. Whereas, most dice games will ask you to simply match some randomly chosen dice or roll certain numbers, Beat The croupier has you racing to out roll the dealer.

The game is simple. You and the dealer are given 3 dice numbers that you must roll. Before the game, you are given 3 bets: Ante, Tie and Clean Kill (win in one roll)

You have as many rolls as needed to match the numbers, but if either the dealer or player succeeds, then the round ends. Since the dealer goes second, even if the player rolls every dice, the dealer will get a final roll to give them a chance to tie.

This leaves you with a game that is both simple to understand and incredibly tense. The presence of a dealer, although it changes little about the game, adds an adversary to the dice game which makes it extremely competitive. It's one of the most original and enjoyable dice games out there and can be found at .

Six Shooter & Sharp Shooter

Six Shooter and Sharp Shooter are 2 versions of the same game. Both games involve the croupier throwing a number of dice. The player then throws 9 dice and they have to match at least one of each kind of dice thrown by the croupier.

Six Shooter involves 6 dice being thrown, whilst Sharp Shooter has the croupier rolling 3 dice. You place your bet at the start and your odds are determined on how early you match the croupier's dice. The earlier you roll them, the more you win on your money. You roll 3 groups of 3 dice, so if you roll all numbers on the first go, you'll earn much more than if you do so across your total 9 dice.

You get 2 great games, which are both simple to understand and are drastically different in their risk. If you want one or both Shooter games, you can find them all at Reel Island Casino.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo gives you 3 dice and then a massive range of betting options. From there it's all up to you. The concept is simple. You pick one of the huge number of potential outcomes of the dice throw. If your prediction comes true, you win the bet.

The bets range across everything from bets on individual die, to the outcome of the entire roll of the 3 dice. It's a great dynamic game that gives you a lot of choice when it comes to your bets. No roll is ever the same, or ever easy to decide on. There aren't many places to play Sic Bo, but Paddy Power Casino is hosting an exclusive version on their casino.


Craps is a classic in the real life casino, being one of the most played and iconic table games around. Sadly, its presence at the mobile casinos hasn't been as widespread. Luckily, Microgaming came to the rescue and made a version.

Craps is different to every other dice game, since you get to roll pairs of dice repeatedly until you strike out, instead of only a limited number of rolls. The number you have to avoid is the dreaded number 7. The number 7 is the most likely number to roll, making it incredibly tense on every round, as the unlucky 7 is always a threat.

The more successful rolls you make, the more you win. As soon as you hit a 7, it's over. The game can be frustratingly short or nerve wrackingly long, but However it goes, it's still one of the best dice games out there.

Poker Dice

Poker Dice isn't quite as similar to poker as its name would suggest. However, that doesn't make it any less interesting. The key factor that differs Poker Dice from poker is that the dice variant lacks the bluffing element of the card game.

In Poker Dice, you roll 5 dice. Each die doesn't hold a number, but instead a 9, 10 or a face card symbol (J,K,Q).

You place a bet and then roll the dice. Depending on which “poker” hand is rolled, you win a multiplier on your wager. Of course, if you roll nothing, then you lose your money. It's as simple as that and is an elegant way to fit the basics of poker into a dice game..

Ultimate Dice Game Casinos

Dice games may be rare, but we've now given you all the games and casinos you'll ever need to get your dice game fix. It's been long overdue for dice game fans to have their way when it comes to playing their favourites at the casinos.

Hopefully, our list has helped you find some classics you thought had been long missing from the online casinos, or you simply found a new regular. Either way, enjoy the games and good luck with your rolling.

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