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06th July6 min read

Mobile Casinos vs. Desktop Casinos – an interesting debate  that can be resolved with examples and analogies – is the hot topic of discussion on a sunny Friday here at Androidslots . Let's begin with a question: "Is it better to access Facebook on your desktop or on your mobile?" Most of you would agree that the answer to this question is never so straight-forward. Both versions are optimised for their respective Operating Systems or browsers; both let you message friends, upload photos, or update  statuses – the result being you often have difficulty choosing one over the other.

This dilemma is not so different for casino players – whether to play casino and slot games on your desktop or mobile calls for a detailed comparison between the two (and no, we don't hate online casinos just because we're a mobile casino review site). Check out our top 7 differences between mobile casinos and desktop casinos!

1. The 'Look & Feel' is Different

Have you ever visited a mobile-cum-online casino on your desktop and your mobile at different points, and thought: "Wow! This can't be the same casino, can it?" Mobile and desktop casinos more often than not look and feel rather different. Take Paddy Power for instance – while their desktop site is buzzing with loads of sections and text, their iPhone app is quite minimalist.

Screen space optimisation is in fact a good thing because when you're peering at your mobile screen, you want to get down to the basic offerings of the site. No distractions! Period. This brings us to our second point...

2. Mobile Casinos are Focussed; Desktop Casinos are Distracting!

The basic premise for mobile and desktop optimisation is the same, irrespective of whether the website is a real money casino or not. Take the ASDA  Android app for example. If you have a ready shopping list in hand, their mobile app is uncluttered enough to let you place your order within minutes; whereas you end up deviating from your list and browsing through a lot more groceries from their online site.

PaddyPower's iPhone app screenshots. Games are highly optimised and minimalist. Call it sales tactics; term it marketing strategies; or dismiss it as advertising methods – mobile sites are often designed to take users to the products straight away, and desktop sites are often designed to distract users and make them try new products or lure them with promotions! The situation is no different for mobile and desktop casinos. When it comes to real money casinos, technology takes care of this: Mobile casinos are highly optimised for Android and iOS while desktop casinos are usually optimised for Windows and/or Mac, and a variety of browsers. Large banners, vibrant call-to-action buttons, and flashy gifs may be commonplace on desktop casinos, but are not equally favoured on mobile casinos.

3. Desktop Casinos Have a Greater Number and Variety of Games

Very simply put, desktop casinos often beat mobile casinos because of the numbers! Because they can afford to... Mobile casinos often have to worry about load time, app crash or hang issues, power utilisation of the app or the browser, etc. As a mobile or a tablet user, you don't think twice before uninstalling a handsome, feature-heavy casino app that also (unfortunately) shuts your device down after minutes of use, or doesn't allow you to take calls or messages in game mode (obviously, you're not expecting that from your desktop)! You also wouldn't bother to visit a browser-based mobile casino that has 100 games but keeps you waiting for 10-odd minutes before it loads completely. Naturally, mobile casinos have no choice but to stay minimalist, until technology advances and lets game developers build feature-heavy apps and websites without these hassles. However...

4. Most Mobile Casinos Offer a Phone (SMS) Billing Feature

Phone (SMS) billing feature is a brilliant add-on to the list of deposit options available on your mobile. It is available on most UK mobile casinos, and at the time of this writing, desktop-only casinos have not made this feature available to players. Imagine you are an "O2" or a "Three" customer, and your contract SIM is linked to your bank account for a monthly auto-debit -- then whatever money you deposit at various phone bill casinos get appended to your monthly bill, and get paid off automatically.

List of Mobile Networks that offer Phone Billing We think that playing only at phone bill casinos is a great way to limit your gamble spends, simply because there are no surprises at the end of the month. You don't need to document details about the varied amounts you've deposited throughout the month – your contract SIM provider does that for you. Couldn't be more advantageous, we think!

5. Desktop Casinos Have More Banking Options

Undoubtedly! Desktop casinos have gone out of their way to provide every deposit option possible. E-wallets, debit and credit cards, pre-paid cards, moneybookers, direct debits, and several other options fight for space on the desktop casinos, and you're spoiled for choice. This is good for most of you, but I must confess that I'm often too confused or disinterested when presented with too many similar-looking options. And if you're nodding your head to this, then you too might be the "mobile casino player" type! Why should you consider playing at a mobile-only casino seriously?" is a question I addressed last November, in case you want to take a quick look.

If you're looking to get involved in high-stakes gambling or sports betting though, forget what I just said, and head over to the desktop casinos! The reason is that many mobile casinos let you deposit or withdraw relatively small amounts (usually up to a few grand), whereas a number of online sites will let you deposit or withdraw up to a hundred thousand pounds!

That said, mobile casinos certainly don't have an alarming dearth of deposit options. At Androidslots, we've worked out these payment methods ourselves, and written detailed reviews on Pay For It, among others.

6. Playing a Game on Mobile Can be a Discreet Activity...

Oh yes, you can pretend to be texting someone, or playing regular games on your phone. You can turn off the game sounds to avoid people from peering into your device, or plug in your earphones and pretend you're listening to music! It is as simple and unassuming as playing Candy Crush on your phone! Well, it's just like any other mobile games except that you put down real money for a spin, and you don't have to strategise too much. If you're over 18, gambling on your phone is perfectly legal in the UK – even if that means spinning the reels on your mobile during a dull class! Just make sure you're on a secure network. Mobile casinos are designed with privacy in mind. A tablet might be a bit of a giveaway though; you want to use your tablet only when you don't care about anyone watching over. However with desktops, there's hardly such thing as "private" – your activities might not be concealed from your parents, partner, colleagues or friends, unless you're sure they are out of sight!

7. Special Features!

As we have mentioned earlier, desktop casinos are technologically equipped to have many extra features on their websites due to more screen space, internet connectivity, CPU speed and RAM, among others. Online casinos are going 3D, whereas the "HD" wave has only now taken over mobile casinos. However, the mobile-only casinos are not far behind – what they lack in technology they make up with a great customer service.

Promo codes, surprise prizes, promotional SMSes, and Facebook competitions are characteristic of most mobile casinos. Casual players often prefer these smaller but consistent benefits over a massive progressive jackpot at the larger online casinos. It is worth mentioning that online casinos typically invest in human resources -- you'll often see a 24 hour live chat facility, or be able to interact with a live dealer at online casinos. Award-winning companies like Gamesys also provide a complete customer service team to their casino clients. Although there's talk that live dealers are being tested at mobile casinos as well, an interesting thing to note is that the current market competitors for desktop and mobile casinos are totally different. Online casinos often try to simulate land-based casinos by employing real humans behind the tables; on the other hand, mobile casinos are actually competing with the free games on your phone or tablet! Finally...

Final Verdict!

And, that's really it for now! Both desktop and mobile casinos have their own benefits and disadvantages, and both have different target players. Remember our discussion, and check out few casinos today that catch your fancy.

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