Concerned About Depositing and Withdrawing at Mobile Casinos?

08th August4 min read

We know that what’s really important to players at mobile casinos is the games, the bonuses and the prizes. It’s important to bear in mind, however, that there’s always a lot more involved when you’re using a mobile casino. Integral to the way you use a casino is the depositing and withdrawing options – therefore it’s important for you to know what you should be expecting from these options, and that you’re able to spot when you’re being taken for a ride.

It’s important to remember each casino has its own rules for depositing and withdrawing cash – so it’s always a good idea to review these before you start doing anything, to ensure you’re not going to come up against any surprises.


There’s a huge selection of ways you can deposit, and it’s all about finding the best one for you. Here are a couple of things to be aware of when depositing money at a mobile casino:

Been asked for credit card details but don’t want to deposit using your card?

The first thing you should probably be aware of is that you may have to enter credit card details before you even intend making a deposit. In most cases the reason for this is simple – the mobile casino will be using your credit card company to verify your age, and ensure that you are indeed old enough to play on at the casino.

You shouldn’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that credit card is the only way you can deposit at the casino – chances are you’ll be able to change your deposit options later.

Can’t decide which deposit method?

Here at Androidslots we’ve spent hours and hours talking about the different ways you can deposit – from mobile phone bill deposits, to card payments, to Ukash vouchers, and beyond. It’s really about finding the one you find the most convenient – the most important thing is to ensure that you can afford to deposit the amount you want to. Casinos don’t know how much you have in your accounts, and won’t warn you if you’re going to go overdrawn – so be sure you know exactly how much money you have available in your account, or on your phone bill if applicable.

Money doesn’t seem to have been deposited?

It’s very rare, but can happen if the network connection between you and the casino is lost. If you’ve tried to make a deposit and it appears not to have worked, it’s important to make sure you haven’t still been charged. Check your bank account or phone bill, or check with the casino.

Most mobile casinos won’t be trying to rip you off, but if you think you’ve been charged for a deposit which then hasn’t come through on your casino account, you should contact the casino and/or your bank to resolve the issue.

Letting the casino remember your details?

Don’t worry if the casino asks to remember your depositing details – this isn’t so they can rob you! By saving your details, the casino is simply trying to make it easier for you when you want to deposit again – saving time and effort!


Just like depositing, there’s a lot of ways of getting your winnings from a mobile casino – let’s take a look at a few, and address some of the things that might concern you:

When can you withdraw?

Well you can technically withdraw as soon as you have won some money, and have it available in your account to do so. However, there are frequently restrictions to this. For instance – there is usually a minimum limit on the amount you can ask to withdraw, meaning you have to wait till you hit that limit.

Also, some casinos choose to limit the amount you can withdraw each month; unfortunately, they are allowed to do this, so if it bothers you, it’s best you find somewhere else to play.

If you deposit with a card, do you have to withdraw using it?

Not necessarily. Most mobile casinos will let you choose which method of withdrawal suits you, these can include credit card, debit card, check, wire transfers and teller accounts (among others), and you generally select your preferred option when it comes to withdrawing.

This is another case where it’s definitely better to check your chosen casino’s rules before you start playing, to make sure they offer a withdrawal option you like.

Are you going to be charged for a withdrawal?

Maybe. Some casinos or transfer providers will take a fee for moving your money around. This shouldn’t be too much and you will definitely be told about it upfront. If you’re worried about it, again, check your casino’s rules.

Haven’t received your money after a withdrawal?

Don’t panic! It can often take a little while for a transfer to go through. Sooner or later, your money should be with you. Most casinos will give you a pretty accurate estimate of when your money will be with you. If you really have waited too long, we advise you approach the casino and enquire about it. If this doesn’t work, check with your bank, and if it gets really bad, check which authority licences the casino you were playing with, and ask them to get involved.


It should be really easy for you to deposit and withdraw from mobile casinos. Most casinos are designed around making life easy for you, so if you’re running into problems, your best bet is just to find another place to play. There’s always help at hand, and if anything really does go wrong, you’re sure to be able to sort it out if you contact the right people (usually the casino).

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