Guide to Gamification: Unlockable Content

10th February2 min read

In this article we’ll be taking things a step further by looking in-depth at Unlockable Content. We'll explain what it is, where it's used, and how it makes gambling more enjoyable.

What is Unlockable Content?

Unlockable content might be a new level of play, or a new game, that is inaccessible at first, but becomes accessible once you gather enough points, through playing lots of different games. It acts as a reward for making progress at a casino, and can make gambling more interesting as the novel games and levels will bring new challenges that will stimulate the player.

Unlocking New Games at Pocket Fruity

At Pocket Fruity, the more often you play, the more Fruity Coins you can earn. These Fruity Coins can be exchanged for high-street shopping vouchers and extra cash. But they can also be used to unlock new games.

Fruity Coins is a virtual currency. Virtual currency is a fictional currency that can be used, within the casino that creates it, to buy items of value . Virtual currency is a gamification technique in its own right, and we'll discuss it more in a future article, but for now it's important to note that it can be used to unlock new content at Pocket Fruity.

For instance, each time a new game is introduced at Pocket Fruity, you'll need to ensure that you have enough Fruity Coins saved up to play it.

Fruity Coins aren't difficult to get your hands on, however. As we noted, you can earn them through playing games, but you can also earn them through filling out surveys, making deposits and liking Pocket Fruity on Facebook. You'll be awarded 350 coins, just for signing up to Pocket Fruity.

Unlocking New Levels at Spin Genie

At Spin Genie, the more often you play, the more chance you have of unlocking the six parts of the island. For instance,  if you gain enough points to unlock Paradise Springs, you'll be rewarded with £20.

The process of moving up a level, is known as Levelling-up, and it's a gamification technique in it's own right, which we'll be discussing in a future article, so look out for that!

Unlocking New Levels at Casumo

Another example of a casino that uses a tiered system, that is like the island adventure at Spin Genie, is Casumo.

Casumo has the Casumo Adventure. At the beginning of your adventure you are assigned a casumo, which is a little white splodge, which represents you on-screen. At first, your casumo will have a rope around its waist to indicate that you're a beginner.

As you collect more points, you level-up to new belts. The belts, in ascending order, are rope, white, yellow, red, blue, purple and black. When you level-up to a new belt, you could be rewarded with free spins or extra cash.


Unlockable content makes gameplay more interesting and rewarding. When you unlock new games at Pocket Fruity, using your Fruity Coins, you'll feel a sense of achievement at having progressed to a certain stage, and excitement at the thought of playing a new game.

There are several casinos which allow you to unlock new levels. We mentioned that Spin Genie and Casumo allow you to level-up, and collect rewards for doing so. It's worth noting that Casino Room also has tiered system, in the form of a space adventure, and when you level-up, you move to a new planet, with more rewards.

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