Guide to PayPal: On Mobile

11th September3 min read

One of PayPal's biggest selling points is that allows you to make purchases and deposit money straight from your mobile. As always, our aim of the Guide to PayPal is that you become so well informed that PayPal could be your Mastermind specialist subject, so we think it's only right that we thoroughly inspect the PayPal app.

Where to Find the App

The PayPal app is available in the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android devices. The app is completely free of charge and is available in 18 different languages. You will need around 45 MB of free space to download the app, after that you're all set.

When you first open the app it will prompt you to log-in or to create an account. Once you provide these details the app should be fully functional to you.

What the App Offers

Manage Your Money From Your Mobile

If PayPal's history is anything to go by, we already know the giant efforts they are constantly going to to make their mobile service one of the best on the market. This is why their app is so crucial to the brand, as it acts as a flagship for all their hard work.

First off,  the mobile app hosts a very user-friendly interface. It's designed well and runs proficiently. If you're already familiar with the PayPal website, the app should be easy to use as it matches up with the browser pages perfectly. Saying that, even if you haven't used the website, the navigation is so simple that you should still be in for a pleasant experience.

In terms of how the app can be used, PayPal have provided customers with almost complete functionality. From the app you can send money to friends and family, as well as paying for goods and services. You can also send out invoices and check your PayPal balance. From the 'recent activity' page, you can see up to three months worth of your transaction history and withdraw or add funds to your PayPal account. You can add any new credit or debit cards to your account, and create a PIN code for mobile payments and for a faster log in.

The App Keeps Your Details Secure

As a large part of PayPal's ethos is concerned with customer safety, you can be sure the app provides the same dedication to security. After the certain period of inactivity on the app, you will be logged out as a security measure. This is crucial to mobile users as it ensures  your details remain secure even if your phone goes missing.

PayPal also offers app users the choice to link their account with their mobile number, which works by sending a text message from your phone to PayPal. This means that if a different phone tries to access your account, there will be increased security measures and you will be notified.

Is there Anything the App Can't Do?

There's very little that you can't do on the app which you can do on the website. In fact, we can only find two things the app doesn't offer. One, the app doesn't allow you to add or change bank account details. Whilst you can add debit and credit cards in app, to add or remove a bank account as a funding source you'll have to be in browser.

The only other thing is that the app doesn't allow you access to the 'Resolution Centre'. This means that any disputes need to be settle through the website.

But that's really all. We're completely impressed with how much the app offers customers, and think it stands as testament to how much PayPal value their mobile market.

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