How Much Do The Top Slot Software Providers’ Games Cost To Play

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We all want the most for our money and that's true of everything, even when we play the slots. It's hard finding a slot that has reasonable bets and especially when you want to switch games, it's not easy to know which slot will be the best move. Luckily, slot providers are pretty consistent when it comes to their pricing, as most slots are built on a set template from company to company. So we've boiled down the list of the biggest slot makers in the business and which ones bring you the most spins for your buck.

The Cheapest Slots To Spin

We've brought together the biggest slot providers around to do a break down on which is best to play on a budget. Whether it's NetEnt, IGT or Quickspin slots that you like the most, we're here to give you the ultimate breakdown of which one is costing you the most per game.


IGT by far make the most expensive slots to play on this list. They do make some of the greatest slots around and it could be argued that they're worth the price of entry, but if you're playing on a budget, IGT isn't the provider to go for. Their starting price is £1 per bet line. With slots spanning as high as 50 bet lines, like their newest slot, this can lead to some huge wagers on every spin. The rewards can be rewarding, but with the amount to risk, it's not best for the bankrolled gambler.


NetEnt slots are some of the most reliable when it comes to how they function. Every NetEnt slot works on a 20 bet line system, aside from the rare few. Every NetEnt slot has a 1p bet as their minimum wager per bet line. This means that when you load up a NetEnt slot, you can expect to pay 20p per spin. NetEnt only have one slot in the works for 2016 that looks to break this rule by having a 243 ways to win, so you can always be sure of how much a NetEnt slot will cost before it's even loaded up. NetEnt also have one of the cheapest prices per spin in the industry, so you know what you'll be spending and that it'll be one of the best slots you've ever played. So thankfully, even if you're on a budget, you can be sure you can still play in style.


Quickspin slots have a standard wager rate of a penny per bet line. Like most slot makers, they don't provide a way to lower the number of bet lines you can actually place bets on, so the minimum bet will always be higher than a single penny. Quickspin often experiment with bet line numbers, so the price of entry can vary wildly. Their recent release, Second Strike, was a 10 bet line slot, meaning that every spin was as little as 10p. But a majority of their slots, such as Firestorm, have been 25 bet lines and therefore can cost 25p for every spin. Quickspin is a lot more variable in the cost compared to other slot providers, so be aware of this when betting on one of their games. Just pay attention to the bet line number. Whatever it is, the penny amount will be the minimum bet, always.

Play'n Go

Play'n Go allow you to play and go for a penny per bet line, as is the norm. You can't adjust the bet line number that you want in play at any one time, so you're always betting the whole slot every spin. Play'n Go often aim for a 20 bet line slot, so for the majority of the time, you can comfortably assume you'll be spinning for 20p a spin, minimum. It helps that Play'n Go make some of the best slots around, so 20p is more than reasonable to play great games. 20p is below the industry standard as well, which hovers around 25p, so when it comes to budgeting, Play'n Go have the edge when it comes to protecting your bankroll, one spin at a time.


Microgaming are an interesting conundrum when it comes to slot prices. Most slots work out their pricing based on amount wagered per bet line. Microgaming is famously not a fan of bet lines, instead making a majority of their slots for the 243 ways to win model. This basically means that symbols have to be adjacent to one another to count as a win, not simply along a bet line. However, Microgaming seem to have come up with a betting amount that they have deemed fair. A majority of their slots, including the famous and Jurassic Park slots, both go with 30p a spin. This is the price range that is found among a majority of their games library. But their premium slots can increase in price. , which is arguably their most popular slot, requires you to pay 50p a spin. It has the same 243 ways to win as its other slots, but due to its popularity and the number of promotions ran on it, this premium position appears to have forced up the price of entry for Rugby Star. The thing to remember with Microgaming is that you'll usually be spending 30p per spin. However, if you want to play Rugby Star, or their other very popular slots, you can expect to go as high as 50p per spin.


With Yggdrasil, you can go in knowing what you're going to get. This isn't a slight against the gameplay, which is always varied and interesting. Every Yggdrasil game has 20 bet lines, with each bet line requiring a penny a spin. Every spin you have on a Yggdrasil slot will cost you 20p. They've never not been that way and don't appear to be changing in 2016. So if you want a cheap, innovative and reliable slot price to please both you and your bankroll, Yggdrasil is the way to go.


We've already listed Nektan slots in our ultimate list of penny slots and so far nothing has come close to beating them when it comes to the cheapest slots. The main problem with Nektan slots is that they're very traditional. 5 x 3 reels and a free spins mode is what you get, always. If that's all you need though, then Nektan slots are the best budget slots around. They are one of the few slot types that allow you to adjust your bet lines, so you can bet 1p and then keep it at that price, by betting on only one payline. On top of that, they're available across a huge range of casinos. Literally any casino hosted on Nektan software has Nektan slots available, so you may not even have to move casino to play.

Play Smart With Your Bankroll

So next time you head over to your favourite mobile casinos, pay attention to the makers of your slot. Whoever made the game not only determines how it'll play, the quality of the slot and a whole host of other factors, but most importantly, it'll determine the price per spin. Instead of wasting time selecting each slot and checking the minimum bet, we hope that now, as soon as you hit the loading screen, you'll know the price of entry from the logo alone. Hopefully, that'll get you to where you need to be much faster!

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