Is Joining a Mobile Casino’s VIP Scheme Worth It?

10th February4 min read

That is the question. With so many mobile casinos out there, it's little wonder why they dish out so many generous offers to try and keep customers happy.

After all, with an ever-expanding industry and with more and more mobile casinos every year, it's hard to maintain longevity with customer loyalty with just a few promotions and bonuses. Awesome games are, sadly, just not enough anymore. Why should a customer stay if they can find the same games elsewhere?

That is why you see many mobile casinos nowadays offering VIP or loyalty schemes. If you join up with them, why not enjoy more benefits for a little bit extra? But what if you're not invited or just don't want to? Are you missing out if you choose not to? In this post, we weigh up the pros and cons of being a part of a mobile casino's VIP scheme.


1) VIP Rewards

The first and most obvious thing about VIP schemes is that they offer up a lot of potential promotions and benefits that are only available to VIP members. Players get the opportunity to earn what is often called VIP points and the more they earn, the more likely they'll be showered with gifts from the casino.

For example, Jackpot Mobile Casino offers the following benefits to its VIP members:

  • Massive, regular bonuses
  • VIP Program Manager
  • Bigger and better cash bonuses
  • Faster payouts
  • Free cash to try out new mobile games
  • Exclusivity with event admission, bonus promotion and offers

2) It Gives You a Goal!

Often on VIP schemes, there are different "levels" that players can work through so that they can gain more and more bonuses. When you first sign up, you typically start at the "beginner" level and work your way up from there.

Again, this all depends on how many VIP points you manage to earn and usually your status is updated at the start of every month.

This level format is cleverly designed to give you a goal to work towards so you can enjoy all the casino has to offer. A simple psychological trick but it works and it generally pays off. But there's no cheating your way to the top. The best way is to just keep on playing. And the more you work at it, the more rewarding it becomes.

3) Stellar Support

Finally, you get all the customer support in the world. Because you're VIP, the casino will prioritise you by giving you your own VIP Manager that will look after your every need. So no more waiting around for a representative as your VIP Manager will be there waiting.

Their availability is often quite good, too, since not all players sign up to the VIP scheme. It just goes to show how important you are to the casino. They may even assist you in getting your money back if you play your cards right.

A VIP Manager is an invaluable tool that can used to great effect. It makes the whole experience of online gambling far more personal and involving. They are people, though, so don't abuse them or give them grief because you lost at a game. It's not their fault that you suck.


1) The Wait to be Invited

Most VIP schemes (if not all) act on an invite-only basis where the players who play enough on their website get to sign up through a direct email. In other words, you have to be playing a lot in order to get an invite (it varies from casino to casino) and the wait for it can be agonizing if you want to become VIP.

We would say it would take at least a month of non-stop slot-spinning to qualify (again, depends on the casino) and even then it's not guaranteed.

But then there's the other side of that coin. Some casinos offer VIP invites to all their new players anyway, regardless of how much they've played or how long they've been part of the casino. This makes the waiting time and effort seem far less gratuitous but also renders the VIP scheme into nothing more than just another thing to sign up for with nothing particularly special about it. What's  the point if anyone can sign up?

2) Big Promises, Little Pay-Off

Another problem that tends to plague far too many a VIP scheme is the anti-climax. The casino may promise players a lot of things that they do not have the resources to provide and after the player experiences it for a while, they say: "Oh. Is that it?" and wonder why on earth they signed up in the first place.

Thing is, it's all too easy for the casino to entice their players with very alluring promotions and even easier to fail to live up to them. More often than not, they wouldn't make empty promises but it's still enough for one bad experience to put a player off. Our advice would be to contact another VIP scheme member and see how they feel about it.

3)  You Have to Constantly Play

Finally, in order to maintain your VIP member status (or even get it in the first place) you feel compelled to constantly play the casino's games even when you're not in the mood -- just so you can progress through the levels. Otherwise, you feel like you're falling behind and not doing everything that can be done to get everything you can out of it. It can become your life and you don't want that.

That lends to the rather unfortunate reality of addiction and constantly spending money to play these games can be very taxing on your finances. We're not saying VIP schemes lead to problem gambling but the more you play and the more you want to gain, it is more likely to happen. Kind of hard to ignore.


So after saying all this, is it worth signing up to your mobile casino's VIP scheme? Unfortunately, our answer's a bit of a cop out -- it's really down to you. We cannot determine your circumstances or the precise reasons why you would want to join one. Generally speaking, we'd say go for it but otherwise the benefits aren't all that impressive.

From what we've seen, VIP and loyalty schemes are just an extension of the mobile casino's already existing promotions. There are exceptions but too few to really make us think they're truly worth your time. Just enjoy what the casino does for free. And if not, go somewhere else.

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