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07th June4 min read

Victoria is new to mobile slots and the “I Started Playing Slots” series follows her on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots. Recently, she’s covered winning strategies and losing streaks. Few months into the world of mobile casinos and mobile slots, Victoria is expanding her horizons and playing Online Roulette! 

My only experience of playing Roulette is the roulette drinking game.  I am embarrassed to try it in a real casino setting and so, live dealer online roulette seems like the perfect alternative. It seems just as exciting as the real deal and beats playing with the computer. Other players choose to play online because there are fewer rules than a brick-and-mortar casino – you can play in your underwear, use your mobile phone and take notes while playing (all of which are forbidden at most casinos.) Most importantly, there are no crowds! Expert players also go online to test roulette strategies (more on this in a bit).

 Quick Tips: How to Play Roulette?

For the benefit of the unenlightened (myself included), here are the rules of Roulette. Players place bets on the board (see left). You can bet on a single lucky number or a range of numbers, the colours red or black, or odd and even numbers. Then, the croupier spins the wheel and throws in a ball. The ball eventually slows down and settles into the coloured and numbered pockets in the wheel. As I was learning the game, these phrases came up quite often– 2-1 bets/ 5-1 bets/ 8-1 bets etc. This number ratio tells you the odds of winning. For example, a 8-1 bet is made when you place your chips on four numbers at once whereas a 35-1 bet is when you bet on a single number. Of course, the smaller the ratio, the higher the chances of landing that number.

There are more complicated betting strategies too. The Martingale betting system doubles his bet after every loss, whereas the Paroli betting system doubles his bet after every win. These strategies (however plausible) help players cover their previous losses or play with discipline and only with money that they have won. There are that I’m keen to experiment with, now that I have discovered the wonders of Online Roulette.

Live Dealer Roulette

In a live dealer casino game, a human dealer runs the game in real time from a casino gaming table. This is streamed live to our computers, TVs or mobile devices. Players can then place bets via a betting interface and interact with the croupier via live chat. For casinos, this set-up is more expensive – it involves advanced technology and a whole team of cameramen, croupiers, IT managers and pit bosses. The odds of Live Dealer Roulette are the same as online Roulette, since online games use random Number Generators that mimics the real game perfectly. Despite that, Live Dealer offers a more authentic gambling experience. For portability, I have to go with mobile Roulette games without Live Dealers.

Gameplay – Is it as Easy as Slots?

It is really easy to start playing Roulette online. I simply clicked on a chip and placed in on the betting cloth. Once the timer is up, the Dealer spins the wheel. The winnings are credited immediately, and any losses forfeited. Multi-taskers or those with short attention spans can also play other games while waiting for the timer to count down. This feature is available at Bet365 Online Casino, as shown in the screenshot above.

 Most Roulette games also allow you to view "Statistics" for information on bets placed, winning numbers and returns or "History" to view your recent bets. In Live Dealer Games, the dealer looks creepily real! She had a friendly vibe, which added a human touch to online gambling and makes the whole experience rather enjoyable. I learnt that most croupiers are based in Asia, London and Eastern Europe. The live chat recreates the social atmosphere between the dealer and players, which is similar to the chat functions in mobile bingo rooms. Thanks to amazing technology and good Internet speed, Live Casino games can be streamed in HD quality.

Where Can I Play Roulette Casino Games?

I played Live Roulette at Betfair Mobile Casino, which offers 10 Free Spins worth £10 to all players. My fellow writers sing praises for the Live Casino at Guts Mobile Casino. Betfair is powered by Playtech software, whereas the latter uses Evolution Gaming. The betting interfaces are slightly different, but both software providers are industry leaders in live online casinos. For mobile options, check out European Roulette from mFortun or Roulette HD at LadyLucks and Elite. If you’re comparing Roulette games at different casinos, look out for rooms with betting limits that are within your budget. They usually range from £0.50 to £2000. Also, you may find that some Roulette games follow different styles – American and European Roulette. American Roulette features Double Zero on its wheel (which gives the casino more house edge) whereas European Roulette has only one Zero. Betfair also offers a No Zero Roulette!


I was definitely late to the game, but Online Roulette has expanded my online gambling experience. It is also just as easy and profitable as my first favourite online gambling game, slots. The payout percentage or Return to Player for Roulette is 97.3%; this matches the RTP of slots at around 96-97% mark. However, the highest return to player can be benefitted at Blackjack tables (at 99.43%)!

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