Sensible Gambling – Cash Out and Take a Break

08th August4 min read

Ever the problem for gamblers, knowing to cash out can be either an acquired skill or an expensive problem, and can have a real effect on your attitude to gambling. We at Androidslots take ‘gambling responsibly’ very seriously and if you don’t know when to cash out (or if you don’t cash out at all), your gambling can become a money-draining continuum. However, with a few simple rules you can have a more positive approach, keeping your finances and personal life in check while still having fun!

1. Keep Track of Your Money – Saving is Winning.

Make sure you have a plan when you start! One of the biggest money-drains in mobile slots is that you can so easily end up just idly playing. When you’re not paying attention to how much money you’re spending you can suddenly find yourself without any - a somewhat horrifying experience. Always remember that while, oddly enough, casinos don't congratulate you every time you resist the temptation to deposit more money, this doesn't mean you've 'lost' or 'missed out'; saving is winning.

If you make sure that when you play you know how much you’re willing to win or lose, and stop when you hit either boundary, you will find yourself far more satisfied when you do well, and also in far better control of your finances. This can even enhance your gameplay, as if you gamble the same stake each day, you can tell how well you're doing over a longer period, and your good days will start meaning far more in relation to each other.

2. Make Sure You Have the Time to Play

We've all got busy lives, places to be, people to see, chores to avoid. If you’re finding that you’re spending too long on your phone, then set yourself a time limit, or more pertinently, make sure you have free time before you start playing. However, finding this free time isn't easy, and in day-to-day life the difficulty comes not in missing clear-cut appointments, but in the small things that lead to larger problems. For example, you might think that you can put off doing a wash today because it's not urgent, and you just want a bit more time on your favourite game. This seems relatively minor, and it is in isolation, but this attitude can allow things to start slipping. Under the same minor chores category could come doing the dishes, or cleaning the kitchen; it could spread to personal hygiene and how you appear to the outside world; maybe you might even decide that you can't make a social gathering because it's raining and a bit of a drive away, and you'd rather stay warm and play some slots.

Now I will admit, I'm slightly scaremongering here, and I hope that none of what I've said will apply to any of our readers! (If it does, head over to GambleAware for help and advice.)

However, it leads back to my original point, of making sure that you have time to play. When you hear about problem gamblers whose lives fall down around them, they didn't just pick up their phone one morning and immediately get fired from their job. The problem always starts small, and this is why it is so important that when you sit down and play, you know you are doing so in free time. This applies for any game, but where your real hard-earned money is being invested, it can be harder to differentiate the real from the virtual, and you have to keep in mind that in the end, it's just a game!

3. Cash Out at Twice or Thrice Your Deposit

You’ll hear all sorts of number-variants of this rule, but the key tenet is that you keep your initial deposit invested, and withdraw your winnings once you reach a certain point. The twice-your-deposit rule has a nice symmetry to it as you’re withdrawing the same as you put in, but anywhere between twice and four times your deposit seems to be a good rule to set – whatever works for you!

4. Or on a Big Win

Whether it be a bonus round, consecutive luck or you just hit the jackpot, if you suddenly find yourself inundated with coins, then take it out! This is the ultimate way to end a session on a high, while also being sensible with your money. There’s nothing worse than looking back wistfully at your big win having squandered it all away.

5. Or Just Whenever You Feel Like it

Not the easy answer most people are looking for, but maybe the one you need, and in my opinion the most important answer in this list. Autonomy is the name of the game when it comes to, well, anything. So if you’re feeling like stopping, then just stop. We've all been there wanting ‘just one more go,’ but having been there we also know that that’s often not how it works out, and you can’t be letting the game play you. Whether you’re on a winning streak that you feel isn't going to last much longer, or on a losing streak that you feel might last forever, or hell, even if you’re just getting tired, hungry or bored, then just stop and cash out.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the real world comes first. You can always go back later, but it’s the ability to take control of when you play that keeps slots being fun, rather than a habit. If you can keep the ideas I've discussed in mind, then you’ll be able to keep control of how much time and money you spend on mobile casinos, while also giving yourself the best experience! As always, if your gambling is becoming a problem, visit Gamble Aware for help and advice.

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