Sick of Losing at Roulette? Try Low Risk Betting!

05th March3 min read

Let me tell you a story. When I was in London one time waiting for a show to begin, I went into the Hippodrome in Leicester Square to throw away a few coins at a roulette table. Just for a bit of fun. I wasn't expecting to win anything but actually came away with £30.

The bloke at the next table, however, got increasingly wound up because every time he put a bet down he would continually bet on single numbers, thinking he'd cracked the code of the roulette wheel, and always lost.

He got so frustrated at one point I honestly thought he was going to throw his chips at the croupier. It didn't help that he kept betting £20, £50, even £100 at a time! He gave up after about an hour, obviously deciding the odds were not in his favour that night, and went away significantly poorer.

So why was I winning and he wasn't? Did I have some special gift? No. I just made low-risk bets. Seriously, there wasn't a single revolution of the roulette wheel where I bet on just one number. Why? Because there's more to the game than just blind luck.

Smart Betting

Here at Droid Slots, we've talked a fair amount of about how best to approach roulette . In fact, we have our own section on the subject. We've covered many things including the different kinds of roulette, which are the best kinds, and how to tell the difference between them. We've even talked about virtual reality roulette.

Never, however, have we gone into a lot of depth into the strategy of playing roulette.  We may have dabbled in it here and there but many may think there isn't much to it -- you've just got to spin the roulette wheel and wait for your number to come up! Not so. Even after all the complex strategies experts have conjured up after years of experience, there is still a thought process that goes into making your bet.

Some may put it down to simple common sense but tell that to the man at the Hippodrome who lost close to £2,000! It's debatable if people can even use strategies online but even if they don't work, we think this is definitely worth a try and you can delude yourself into thinking you're actually a competent gambler.

The common sense answer to all this is: while playing roulette, just make low risk bets! Sounds boring, right? Isn't half the fun of gambling to make things a little risky and rake in the rewards? Probably, but I would argue it'll allow a better chance of winning something (and allow you to lose less money) if you resist the temptation to make that larger bet. After all, I still got £30 after gambling £20 and that bloke who gambled two grand walked away with nothing.

Odd or Even, High or Low

In case you don't know how bets work in roulette, we've written a guide about how to do so. What it boils down to is inside or outside bets. There are 37 numbers of the roulette wheel (38 if you're American) and players can bet on single or multiple numbers (inside bets), or bet on groups of numbers such as red or black, odd or even, high or low (outside bets).

Take a guess as to which kind of bets you'll get the most return on? The riskier the bet, the more money you'll get if you win.

For this very basic "low-risk" strategy, I'd advise that you stick to outside bets in order to win. As for the amount you bet, I wouldn't go over £10 as the more you put on the table the more you have to lose (obviously). But this way of playing isn't entirely absent of fun!

You could make things more interesting by putting money down on many different numbers across the board via an inside bet. The only trouble with this is that you'll still lose money even if you have won. But if you do win, the return is much higher than an outside bet and is immensely satisfying.

This is the strategy that I employed all night at the Hippodrome and it worked very much in my favour. I'll be the first to admit, though, that I didn't always win and that I would need to keep employing this strategy for a whole week before I got anything close to £200. But like I said, it was just for fun! Even if you don't think this would work for you or you'd find it too risk-free, I recommend you try it anyway at least once. Who knows? You may end up winning more than you think.

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