Slot Games for Women - Are They Any Different Than the Regular Slot Games?

10th April3 min read

We've seen the emergence of a steady, niche market of mobile slot games targeted at the ladies, and wondered if the games are any different from the regular slot games. We did some research and compared various slot games for women in order to get some insight in to the game-makers' strategies. We found that the games are markedly different in visual appeal and presentation, but do not vary much in terms of the game algorithm. Note that some ladies' slot games are more complicated than the regular ones! Intrigued? Read on to find out why and how.

Do Women Play Slot Games Differently?

Research from the Oregon State University in the United States says 'YES'. Case studies in the US suggest that most women who play slot machines play to socialise rather than to devise strategies of making money. Money lost in gambling is considered as money lost in any other entertainment-based activity, whereas, money gained in jackpots is a good enough reason to celebrate! Women have been seen to hover around slot machines in groups, and some slot machines are strategically placed in a circle to maximise their social interaction!

Does this Apply to the Mobile and Online Slots As Well?

We think it's a 'yes', as in the UK, when it comes to mobile casinos for women, the key has always been to highlight the potential social interaction. In the UK, the bingo market is well established, and targeted strongly towards women. Women also like to play casinos, and so game-makers have created and marketed bingo or casino-based slot games, especially for women.

UK's Mobile Casinos With Slot Games for Women

Pink Casino is an online and mobile casino which has a decent number of slot games, and you are allowed to register only if you sign up as a woman! You'll find the ornate and angelic Pixies of the Forest tumbling reels slots, as well as other regular slots like Kitty Glitter and Cleopatra.

Lucky Ladies 88 at Gala Bingo is a slot game with a bingo bonus. The game algorithm is more complicated that the regular slot games, but if you are a bingo player, it's a piece of cake!

Ladies Nite casino slots game portrays the free spirit of women - fun, girly laughter, shopping, and cocktails - by designing these symbols on its reels. In order to make the 'cocktail party' more realistic, the game-makers have pitched in a noisy background chatter that waxes and wanes with the gameplay!

Strategies of Game-Makers to Make Women-Friendly Mobile Slot Games

Women's slot games are thankfully very unlike men's, like Playboy, which features naked women as wild cards, or Tomb Raider, which is of the 'action' genre. We don't know if we are over-interpreting but a quick look at the game descriptions of women's games like Ladies Nite and Lucky Ladies 88 suggests that when it comes to choosing games, women prefer a more verbose game explanation. Also, game-makers need to stop throwing in overtly technical terms, and give your ladies a story to suck up to! To come to think about it, game-makers have perfectly captured the aesthetic preferences of the genders, and delivered algorithmically similar slot games in different packages.

The Verdict

So much to lure the ladies, but we're sure love every bit of the effort that these casinos have put in to make us feel special! All-in-all, we spotted the following striking features of a 'woman-friendly slot game': Predominantly feminine colours like pink or red, and theme-based girly concepts like lipsticks, party atmosphere, shopping bags, chatter, cocktail party, kitty, coffee, etc. As we spotted earlier, some games are more convoluted in design, but definitely more colourful and eye-catching, and most of the games focus on socialising.

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