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11th December5 min read

Many new players are intrigued by the various bonuses and promotions offered by mobile casinos. Among these are slot tournaments, which reward the top players with cash and bonuses. It’s time to join a few slot tournaments! Does they win any? Which casino’s tournaments offer the best chances and the biggest prizes?

Let’s cut to the chase: I prefer slots tournaments to ordinary slots. It is more exciting and there is more cash to win. Depending on the size and popularity of the tournament, these tournament cash prizes are actually easier to win than progressive jackpots.

Also, I love the competitive element of tournaments. You’ll tap furiously on your mobile screen to register as many spins as you can within your time limit. At the same time, you’ll keep an eye on the leaderboard and your competitors, while plotting strategies to overtake them. All the while, you’re always hoping really hard that an extra profitable winning combination appears on your paylines. It’s like your normal slot playing experience, but better.

What Types of Slot Tournaments are there, and Which Ones are the Best?

You could broadly place these tournaments into two categories: small tournaments and big ones. These tournaments differ in terms of  time frame, prize pool and special features.

Daily Tournaments or Monthly Ones:

Small tournaments are held within a shorter time frame; Dr Vegas tournaments last 12 hours, and players log in during this time to enter. In contrast, the bigger tournaments are open for entry for a week or two, or even as long as an entire month! These larger tournaments are marketed as casino promotions and aim to attract players to the casino.

Big Prizes or Smaller Ones:

Of course, the daily tournaments offer smaller prizes than the monthly ones. Small tournaments may offer £10 to £50 cash prizes, whereas larger ones put up tens of thousands of pounds! I am quite happy to walk away with an extra hundred quid, which is much better than my haul from spinning slots. £10,000 up for grabs in Genting's Treasure Trail Tournament Heads up! If you are eyeing the larger prizes, be sure to check the terms and conditions too. Some winnings may be considered bonus cash, which means that you cannot withdraw it until you fulfil certain wagering requirements.

Games and Features:

Dr Vegas's daily tournaments features a different game everyday. Larger tournaments also include a larger range of slots. This means that you can collect points by playing a few different titles, which are chosen by the mobile casino. Some tournaments also include the entire collection of slots at a mobile casino.

"I prefer the smaller tournaments. Since less people participate in smaller tournaments, it is easier to top the leaderboard! Why run with Usain Bolt when you can race with young kids?" - Jack

Do note that these tournament types are pretty general and do not apply to all tournaments. Many innovative casinos organise tournaments in different formats. Recently, mobile casinos are also using social media to host competitions and tournaments.

What Makes a Winner?

Different slots tournaments have different rules and ways in picking out the winner. The common tournament formats reward the biggest wins and the highest wagers.

The first format (points for every winning combination) is largely based on luck, much like regular slots. In other words, there are no skills required and it is a level playing field for everyone. This is unlike Poker tournaments, which rewards players with the best skill level and highest ranking in each match. These second type of tournament rewards points for every pound wagered (and the players with the largest budgets, sadly.) If you can afford it, you could wager hundreds of pounds and easily rise to the top of the leaderboard. Other tournaments allow you to purchase extra buy-ins, entry tickets or extra time. On the bright side, you can earn points for wagering, even if you play particularly unlucky slot rounds.

How Much Cash Can You Win?

The prizes range from £10 to few thousand pounds. Like other mobile casino bonuses, any prize money you win from tournaments is usually tied to 5x to 30x wagering requirements. This depends on the casino that you are playing at. Don’t be fooled by large amounts in the advertisements too. Usually, casinos split the large £100,000 prize pool among 100 top players. In that way, the smaller tournaments’ prizes are are just as desirable as the big ones, and that reward is usually proportional to the effort you must put in. Here is another point of view. You can never lose because you’ll take home money from your usual winning combinations. Tournaments just offer extra cash in the form of a prize pool.

Slots Tournament Strategy

1. Scout out the best tournaments to join and check the rules before playing. Rules differ from tournament to tournament, and you should read (or skim through) the instructions before playing. You should look out for the following rules:

  • How points are awarded
  • If there is a time limit for each slot round
  • Whether there is a maximum number of entries in a day
  • Which games are included in the tournament
  • What are the wagering requirements for the winnings (anything above 50x is not quite worth it!)
  • Whether there is an entry fee

2. If there is a time limit, play fast and don’t stop to celebrate! It also helps if you play with a reliable wifi connection and a fully-charged mobile phone.

3. If you are vying for a prize in tournaments for the highest wagers, you should focus your entire budget towards a tournament. Remember to read the tournament rules before starting – you don’t want to place wagers on a game that doesn’t qualify for the tournament!

4. Have fun! Even if you lose the larger tournament, you may have won regular slot gameplay.

So, a regular player like you and me actually win a slot tournament? Yes! More so, victory in the smaller tournaments are definitely within your reach, regardless of your budget.

My Favourite Tournament: Dr Vegas

My favourite daily tournaments are these held at Dr. Vegas Mobile Casino. Dr Vegas hosts tournaments for 12 hours every day. Each slot round lasts 2 minutes and you earn points from winning paylines. I estimate around 150 tournament players on a quiet weekday night, which means anyone stands a pretty good chance at winning! There are seven slots in rotation on the tournament rota, and each comes with its own extra special features. Steal some points from your opponents at Dr Vegas Tournaments![/caption] My favourite features at Dr Vegas include:

  • Points Stealer – You can also steal points from your opponents, to sabotage their position and boost yours!
  • Turbo Spins – Since the slot rounds are timed, you’d want the reels to spin as fast as they can.
  • Extra Time – I once added on a whole 3 minutes to my round. Score!
  • Points Multiplier – Multiply your points up to 10x
  • Live Leaderboard – Even if you aren’t a competitive person by nature, you’ll get a kick from watching your name rise up in the live leaderboard.


I think everyone should be participating in slots tournaments. There is nothing to lose (most of the tournaments are free to enter) and quite a bit to win. These promotions are also much better than sweepstakes or lucky draws, because you play a more active role in determining your outcome. I could be waxing lyrical, but slots tournaments make me feel like part of the mobile casino community. I wasn’t spinning away my free time, instead I was playing alongside others. In fact, I was beating quite a number of them. I guess hustlers win more cash and have more fun too!

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