The Alternative Versions of Mobile Blackjack at Casinos

08th August4 min read

Blackjack is one of the staples of the casino. It's got sharp visuals, is designed in a minimalist fashion for the benefit of new players and built in house.

But if you have tired of it already, then head below for all the hidden gems of the game, that you may not have noticed at the casino near you.

Multi Hand Blackjack

Multi hand blackjack works in much the same way as standard single hand blackjack. However, instead of only playing one hand of blackjack, they play multiple. The number of hands can range anywhere from 3-5 hands, but it can go higher on special tables.

Each hand is played independently of the others. As usual, each hand is only in competition with the dealer, so any move the player makes, is purely in relation to the upcard of the dealer.

The balance here is that the player is able to play more games of Blackjack, therefore potentially increasing the amount they win. Of course, the other side to this is that they are also risking more money against the dealer and therefore increasing their chances of losing more if the dealer gets a blackjack straight off, or if the player simply gets a range of duff hands.

For those who have the bankroll and want to increase the pace of blackjack, then multi hand is the perfect way to do so. You play several games of blackjack at once. It requires more concentration, a higher level of skill and can be incredibly rewarding. However, novice players should be aware that due to the increased activity, the skill ceiling is much higher, so they may want to hold off until they get to grips with just the one hand first.

Our personal recommendation would be the in house version of multi hand blackjack at . The recommendation is based mostly on their hand numbers, which go up to 5; which remains one of the highest on the market.

Spanish 21 (Pontoon)

Spanish 21 is a variation of Blackjack, which is also known as Pontoon in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore and British territories. Spanish 21 has a few key variations from Blackjack, but the general change is that it offers more player choice, whilst increasing the house edge.

The main changes to the game are:

  • Uses a 48 card deck, with the four 10 cards taken out
  • Players are allowed to double down on any number of cards, not just the first 2
  • They may still surrender after doubling
  • Players are able to split cards to create up to 4 hands
  • Player who arrives at a hand total of 21, always wins, regardless of dealer's hand

Because high value cards are so important to the player, for the purposes of getting a blackjack, doubling and splitting; there is a trade off to the increased freedom of moves the player can make. They are less likely to bust the dealer due to the increased proportion of low value cards, which means that the house has an increased advantage in 21, than compared to regular blackjack.

Overall, if you're looking for a game that mixes up regular blackjack, then this would be the one for you. You have to rethink your strategies and there's a whole spectrum of new potential hands and moves to be played. You just have to be happy with the increased risk of losses.

Blackjack Redeal

Blackjack Redeal is a twist on blackjack made by Microgaming. The game functions in much the way that the title suggests. Once the cards have been dealt, the player is able to ask for a redeal on either his hand, or the dealer's hand. This comes at a price however, since the player must pay to make this redeal happen.

Blackjack is already heavily dependant on your pot to make plays. You can't double in blackjack without adequate cash, nor can you do any additional fancy moves such as Insurance or Splitting. This additional cost to redeal fits into the game's design perfectly and only goes to add an extra notch on to the strategic belt of the game.

The price of the redeal is determined by how likely the winning hand is. If you wish to redeal a strong dealer hand, such as an upcard Ace, then the price will much higher than if you were to try and redeal a weak dealer hand.

The opposite is true of the player. Player's will pay reasonably little to redeal strong hands on their end, but will have to pay much more in order to redeal their weak hands. The game is strategical, fun and best of all, different to regular old mobile blackjack.

All the Blackjack You Need

There's a quick handful of the multiple ways you can spice up your game of blackjack. As the market continues to increase, people's tastes will start to vary and the casino makers will only be forced to satiate those appetites with increasingly innovative and creative variants of the game.

As the crazier versions of mobile blackjack start to appear, we'll be sure to keep you posted. For now though, head on over to try out these new blackjack games. Or if these versions haven't tempted you, maybe it's time to take the original out for a spin. As far as we can tell, it's still as great as it has ever been.

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