Top 8 Gambling Acronyms Players (Often) Get Wrong

08th August5 min read

Have you ever texted your grandma something personal only for her to reply "LOL"? She didn't mean any harm but because she's from a generation that grew up without the internet, she mistakenly thought  LOL meant "Lots of Love", so you know she meant well. But you still can't help but feel a sting of humiliation. Her ignorance has made something personal become painful. Such is the power of a mistakenly used acronym.

In the world of gambling, it's no different. Because there are people who are still new to it, they may come across terms they've never seen before and make assumptions about said terms so they don't look stupid by asking what they mean. This is especially the case with acronyms. But we're here today to put any misconceptions at rest. 

1) SOL

Perceived Meaning: A delicious beer originating from Mexico, best enjoyed with a slice of lime. Some people may believe this is often drunk at the poker table by most of the people who play it.

Actual Meaning: It is an acronym for "Shit Outta Luck" -- an American phrase which may not be prominent over here in the UK, yet because it comes from across the pond, the meaning is often obscure. But now you can use it correctly at your discretion! Though, we must admit, it is far wittier to just say "Shit Outta Luck". Best performed with a Humphrey Bogart American twang.

Application: "You wanna sue the casino? Methinks you're SOL on that one, buster!"

2) FU term or clause

Perceived Meaning: Framingham United Clause? The term of Frightened Underlings? You have to be pretty naïve to not know what this little acronym stands for. Either that or you've never texted or used the internet for anything other than looking for cake recipes.

Actual Meaning: Simply put, it stands for "fuck you". The letter U may confuse those who've been living under a rock since 1999 but it is often substituted for a Y since it makes this piece of profanity more poignant. As for the additional "term/clause", that refers to anything in the casino's terms and conditions, in case you didn't figure that out. So altogether it means "the fuck you term/clause" and is anything that screws the player over. It usually comes in a catch-all phrase such as "Gain up to fifty pounds!". Because of those little determiners, players almost certainly will never get that much and they can do sod all about it.

Application:  "Man, that is one FU clause!" 


Perceived Meaning: Gambler's Petition for Worldwide Assistance? The Grand Prize for Winning Anything? These letters could mean anything and people usually tend not to know this one unless they google it. Say it out loud and it sounds like an organisation of some importance. Though you have no idea what it is.

Actual Meaning: These letters actually stand for the Gambling's Portal Webmasters Association. You are right to assume that it's a pretty important organisation in the world of gambling. It is a website which provides affiliates with marketing resources and advice on all affiliate needs for casinos who want to put themselves out there. It has over 15,000 members. Yeah. Pretty Big.

Application: "I don't know how to promote myself. I'll check the GPWA to see if they've got anything."

4) B&M Casino

Perceived Meaning: Is this the name of some really big, really famous casino? Certainly sounds like it. Boris & Mason Casino. Sounds logical. Many companies do this -- M&S (Marks and Spencer) being one of them. If it isn't, then what could it mean? Some kinky, alternative form of S&M? But what's that got to do with gambling? The possibilities are endless with this one, but...

Actual Meaning: Turns out it's something quite boring. Brick and Mortar casino is another term to differentiate real-life casinos from those that operate online.  Obviously referring to the physical aspects of a constructed building makes it clear where one intends to do their gambling. Especially handy for those too snobby to use the internet.

Application: "I'm going to a B&M casino tonight." 


Perceived Meaning: At first you hear the "F-O-B" part of the acronym and the first thing you think of is: "Ohhh, a fob watch." Or you may even think: "Isn't that slang for when someone is conned out of money?" Then comes the T and you think, "Oh. FOBT? Isn't that a gay and lesbian movement?" The answer -- no. That's LGBT. FOBT has everything to do with gambling and nothing to do with gay people. Educate yourself, you hick! (We're kidding, ignorance is okay so long as you don't continue to be ignorant).

Actual Meaning: Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. Found in every UK betting shops, these machines are so ubiquitous and  biased that, according to the UK Gambling Commission, there are over 12,000 of these in the UK as of 2012. They also said consumers "waste their money on them" as they allow players to gamble on simulated games where the odds never change. We won't tell you what to think about these but it's certainly a little unfair how the odds are always the same. What's the point if there's no variety?

Application: "I don't like those FOTBs! They sound like they're biased."

6) CAP

Perceived Meaning: That funny thing you wear on your head that was once fashionable, yet not so nowadays. It has been known that people try to maintain a better "poker face" when gambling by wearing this hat. They can hide their eyes and much of their face if they lean forward enough or wear sunglasses also.

Actual Meaning: The real meaning has nothing to do with headwear. It stands for Casino Affiliate Programs which is another website dedicated to helping online casinos promote themselves, this time through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Back in 2008, it has a bit of a wobbly period and was temporarily taken down. But it's back up again and running smoothly.

Application: "I need to check my keywords with CAP."  

7) RNG

Perceived Meaning: Sounds like someone's initials. Who is this mysterious RNG? And why does he appear on so many online casinos, especially when it comes to table and slot games? Of course it's also possible that it could be a brand or a company. Both assumptions are wrong, sadly.

Actual Meaning: RNG stands for Random Number Generator and is what allows most online gambling to not come out with the same results every time. Thanks to some pretty clever computer-whizzes, this algorithm makes igambling all the more fun. It's remarkable, when you really think about it.

Application: "This simulated table game doesn't utilize an effective RNG."

8) PAB

Perceived Meaning: This acronym is probably a move in poker, right? Hit or fold? Pab! It's short, succinct and sounds like something somebody might shout when they're on their game. Either that or its a shortening of "Pablo" which could be the name of one of the players. Again, nice assumptions but ultimately wrong.

Actual Meaning: PAB is short for "Pitch a Bitch" -- another Americanism which describes the action of filing a formal complaint at Casinomeister. Sounds rather specific but we love the play on words of this acronym. Profanity-ridden it may be but you gotta admit it's pretty catchy. Just don't get caught using it in the wrong context, especially on Casinomeister. We do hope, however, that it catches on in the rest of the online community.

Application: "This casino is taking too long with payments. Should I PAB?"

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