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08th August7 min read

For those of you that are new to mobile casinos (and even for those who have been using them for a while) it is often the case that you’ll come across a word or phrase related to mobile casinos which you don’t understand. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a post to explain some of the commonly used terms related to mobile casinos and mobile gambling.

You can find the terms and descriptions below. If there’s a term you think is missing from the list, or if you think there’s a definition that needs changing or expanding, please let us know in the comments.

What is Meant by a “Mobile Casino”?

It may seem like an obvious question to most hardened mobile casino players, but for people new to online and mobile gambling, it might be a bit confusing exactly what constitutes a mobile casino.

A mobile casino is basically anything which lets you play real money games (usually slots, but often casino games, scratch cards, bingo, or sports betting) from your mobile phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Casinos vary on the kind and number of games they offer, how much they’ll pay out, and what kind of bonuses and promotions they’ll offer you.

What is Meant by “Mobile Slot”?

Mobile Slots are the most common game you will find at a mobile casino. They are basically digital versions of Slot Machines which have been a feature of casinos and arcades for decades.

Usually with 3 or 5 reels, these games take advantage of being on your mobile to offer features and functions that would never be possible on a physical slot machine. These games take on many different variations and themes, and there are all sorts of ways for you to win money on them.

With wagers starting a about 2p, and usually going up to £50 (depending, of course, which game you’re playing and where), there are mobile slots for every pocket.

What is Meant by “Table Games”?

Table Games on mobile casinos are digital versions of the games you’d find played at tables in real casinos. This includes games like Baccarat, Blackjack, PokerRoulette. You’ll usually find at least a few of these games at each mobile casino. At some casinos you can find Live Dealers being used on the most popular table games.

Table games at mobile casinos will either be individual (a player against a dealer), or played against other players via the internet. There are many variants of each game (especially Poker), so you must check at each casino for the specific rules.

What is Meant by “Mobile Bingo”?

Mobile Bingo is a digital version of Bingo, available on your mobile. The essence of the game is that players buy cards, on which are grids with different arrangements of numbers in it. Numbers are then drawn at random, and if the player has a corresponding number in their grid, it is obscured. Players win when they get a row (either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) of a set number of obscured squares.

There are a number of variations on the game, and you should check with the casino for the exact rules of where you’re playing. Being on mobile gives Mobile Bingo certain advantages over the classic game. Firstly, it can be played anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, you can enjoy lively chat rooms during most Mobile Bingo games.

What is Meant by “Deposits” and “Depositing Methods”?

When you want to play at a real money casino, you have to put some money into your account with the casino, with which you’ll be able to play. This is making a deposit. You decide how much you want to deposit, and in most cases there will be some restrictions on the amount.

Depositing methods are the way you get your money to your account. These can include payments from your credit or debit cards, using an ewallet like PayPal to transfer money, or even simply taking money off your phone bill.

What is Meant by “Live Dealers”?

Some mobile casinos have implemented systems by which real people take the place of computers as dealers in mobile games.

They act as dealers normally would at casinos, but the outcome of any draw is transferred to data which is then used in the mobile game. Players can chat to the dealer through their phones, and can usually see them via a video stream.

What is Meant by “Bonus Game/Bonus Round”?

Many mobile slot games offer players the chance to take part in a Bonus Game (or Bonus Round). These rounds are different in to the main slots game in some way, and usually involve wager free betting.

For most slots this involves some way of getting free spins – either the bonus will be a set number of free spins, or a way to win free spins. There are other kinds of game, though, and these can involve things like winning a certain multiplier of an initial wager, or winning set amounts of money.

Bonus Games are usually triggered by a specific combination of symbols (often Wild Symbols) appearing on the reels at any given time.

What is Meant by “Bonus” and What is Meant by “Promotion” (and how do they differ)?

Bonuses and promotions are both ways for you to get more out of a mobile casino.

A bonus is where the mobile casino will offer players more money to play with than they deposit. This occasionally comes as a set figure (like the casino offering £5 to players when they sign up, before they make a deposit), but more often than not it will be a percentage of what the player deposits, up to a certain limit.

For instance, say there was a 100% bonus up to £100, and a player deposits £80, they will have £160 to play with at the casino.

A promotion is any sort of deal that is intended to attract players to the casino. This could take the form of bonuses (for instance a Refer a Friend bonus – by which the casino will offer you a certain amount of money to introduce friends to the site), but it could also be things like Cashback promotions (by which they’ll offer players a percentage of the money they’ve lost during games back), or competitions like prize draws.

It’s really quite easy for players to take advantage of good bonuses and promotions, and you definitely shouldn’t settle for a casino unless they’re offering you something more.

What is Meant by “Progressive Jackpot”?

A progressive jackpot is a feature of slots games by which – on top of the prizes you can win within the normal game – there is a jackpot total that grows larger as more people play it.

The jackpot is usually triggered by the player hitting a certain combination of special symbols on the reels of the game. Because the jackpot simply grows larger, it is possible for it to get to huge figures (occasionally over £1,000,000!) – meaning playing games with a progressive jackpot is the best way for players to have a chance of getting a real life changing sum.

The best thing about a progressive jackpot is that you can win it on pretty much any wager, meaning you don’t have to be a high roller in order to be in with a chance of winning.

What is Meant by “Wild Symbol”?

In slot games, a Wild Symbol is a symbol on the reels which can effectively stand in for any symbol in order to make a winning line. For example, if you have a 5 reel slot, and you have a line of only 4 of the same symbol, you wouldn’t necessarily win. However, if the 5th symbol in the row is a Wild, you can still collect the same win as if they had all been the same.

It is not only with one Wild Symbol that you can win, you can usually also win with a combination of Wilds and standard symbols.

If you are playing a game with a Progressive Jackpot, it is frequently the case that it is a whole line of Wild Symbols that will trigger the win of the jackpot. There are quite a few different types of Wild Symbols, and they behave in different ways depending on which game you are playing – check the pay table of the game to find out how they work in that specific game.

What is Meant by “Scatter Symbol”?

Scatter Symbols are used on video slot games, usually as a way to trigger a Bonus Game. As the name suggests, you can find them scattered around the reels, and they do not need to be in a line in order to activate.

When you get a certain number of Scatter Symbols appearing on the reels at any given time (it is usually 3 or more), they will activate whatever they are intended to. Frequently this will be a bonus game, and there is usually a benefit to be had from having more Scatter Symbols displayed – for instance, if the bonus game is a Free Spin round, you will frequently get more free spins the more Scatter Symbols are displayed.

What is Meant by “Free Spins”?

When you are awarded Free Spins at a mobile casino you are able to spin the reel for prizes (which you keep) without having to put down wager. The “Bet” is usually an average of the wagers you had been putting down between Free Spin rounds.

You can get Free Spins for all kinds of reasons. Usually they come as part of a bonus round within a slots game, but you could also receive them as part of a promotion, like when you sign up at a casino.

What is Meant by “Gamification”?

Gamification of mobile casinos is when the casino applies game mechanics to their site in order to improve the engagement the player experience with the casino. This could include things like trying to foster competition between players, getting players to aim towards certain goals, and offering rewards to successful players.

This refers to whole casino, and not just within the games (where you’d already expect to find game mechanics at work anyway).

What is Meant by “Mobile Optimisation”?

As online casinos move to mobile, they’re making effort to make sure that their games will work well on mobile devices. When they improve the performance of games on mobile devices, we call this mobile optimisation.

A good indicator of the better casinos is those that really put the effort in to optimise their games and whole casino for use on mobiles.

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