Unibet Offering Free Betfilter Problem Gambling Software

22nd January2 min read

From the start of January, Unibet casino has taken a strong stance on problem gambling by offering free downloads of Betfilter anti gambling software. Unibet customers who go to purchase and download Betfilter, will be given a voucher by Unibet upon the point of purchase. They can then use this voucher to purchase a year long free licence of the software.

Maris Bonello, integrity analytics manager at Unibet, explained that  Unibet didn't want to be a company that just "believes in responsible gambling - we are a company that actually believes in it and put actions to our words".

How Does Betfilter Work?

Betfilter is software that you install onto your computer that will block all gambling websites or programs from being accessible from your computer. Customers are able to purchase the licence normally for about £69 for a years subscription, with further years also being available with increased discounts. The software is currently only available for Windows and Windows phones, but is set to release for iOS within the next few months.

The defining feature of Betfilter is that you're unable to uninstall it while you an active licence. The only way to remove it from your computer is to reformat it, which is a massive hassle for anyone who's ever had the pleasure of doing so.

Unlike parental controls, which block adult sites through your browser, Betfilter can't have its settings changed once it is installed. There's no password to input to get rid of it if you change your mind. On top of that, Betfilter can also recognize programs, so even if you've downloaded a casino onto your computer, Betfilter will still know what it is and prevent the casino from starting.

Unibet - Betfilter Support

Bonello said their key issue with current problem gambling prevention is that it is controlled on a casino by casino basis. Since customers only exclude themselves from one casino when they setup a cooling off period, there's nothing stopping them from registering with another operator as soon as they want to.

Betfilter is the only current form of international self exclusion list that exists for those who want to control their gambling problem. Bonello said the hope was to inspire further casino providers in taking the same active stance on tackling problem gambling head on, by offering players a fool proof way to do so, outside of just their own casino jurisdiction.

Problem Solved?

What Unibet have accomplished is certainly admirable. With every purchase of Betfilter that occurs, they are incurring the cost on their end, which shows a level of customer concern that not many companies would show.

Unibet have also been offering free Betfilter licences to problem gambling treatment centres such as Breakeven, showing an extensive concern into how problem gambling is tackled. It's an admirable move and we can only hope that the move inspires others to follow suit as they have set out to do.

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