Which Type of Mobile Bingo Player Are You?

08th August3 min read

Recently, a large bingo room operator named WINK Bingo conducted a survey into the bingo sector using the Myers-Briggs method of conducting personality types. They wanted to find out more about their customers and what type of people they were. Although not the most conclusive survey ever (and it certainly wasn't representative of the whole market), it's gives the company a general idea about what their market may want.

We've taken the liberty of looking at their data and have produced several possible player types which you may fall into. Even if it's not an entirely accurate analysis, we think it's fun to think about -- kind of like those fun little quizzes on Facebook. Except this isn't a quiz. We're not Buzzfeed, for crying out loud! So check out which player type you fall into. You may even fall into more than one.

1) An Intuitive Player

Do you play based on your gut feeling? Do you select numbers with little to no logicalprocessing but based on a super strong sense that that number is the one to go for? Then you just might be an intuitive player, according to WINK.

You always go for what that internal voice says at the back of your mind rather than going through the motions in your head and making a calculated decision. You're born with this gift, not taught it. And you usually end up being right... most of the time, anyway. And if you get it wrong? Just blame it on negative clairvoyant vibrations.

2) A Logical Player

On the other side of the coin, you may be the kind of person who operates on a more logical line of thinking, making decisions based on pre-determined calculations you have made in your head. You're usually very good at chess and your impeccable analytic skills represent roughly 60% of the bingo-playing market.

Neat. Maybe you could travel to Vulcan to meet up with Spock. The two of you must have a lot in common. Still, logic is not always correct. Sometimes, in fact, going on a gut feeling may prosper. Go figure.

3) A Night Player

If you find yourself getting up at 3 AM to play some bingo on your computer, you might just be a nightly bingo player as well as a night owl. And if you do this, you apparently make up the majority of bingo players who tend to play between the hours of 19:00-02:00 rather than the other, smaller majority who play during the daylight hours.

All that time taken to staring at a screen in the middle of the night may have left large circles under your eyes but that hasn't hampered your determination to play on. Play on and win! Even if it does cost you five red bulls to stay awake during the daylight hours.

4) A Mulitasker

A lot of bingo players, as it turns out, happen to be very busy people and find themselves playing bingo whenever they have a spare moment. Hectic deadlines and meetings to go to may not leave much time for leisure. If this sounds like your average day at the office, you're probably a multitasker too.

Playing bingo whenever you're on the loo, whenever you happen to be watching TV or if you're simply bored in a meeting, whenever an opportunity arises for you to go to your favourite bingo site, you take it no matter what you're doing at the time. Just be sure not to celebrate too much in the lunch line at your local Starbucks; some people may think you're a little too enthusiastic.

5) A Mobile Player

If, like the above, you do live a hectic lifestyle then it is also very likely you play bingo on your mobile device rather than sitting at home on your computer. Why? Because sitting down is for whimps! And you're constantly on the go -- you don't have time to sit down at your computer and play a leisurely game of bingo. You need to do it NOW!

The only trouble with that is that you may constantly lose your WiFi connection while on the train or the bus or if you're just in a bad area. Your gameplay is often plagued with frustration and you resolve to just wait until you get your 4G signal back. Your playtime is intermittent to say the least.

6) A Desktop Player

And finally we get to the good old desktop player, the one who rarely uses their computer for little else other than to play bingo. You often play whilst catching up on Corrie in the evenings and your significant other's wondering out loud why all the characters seem to be having affairs. You may even play in the bath (at your own risk).

Your sessions are always calmed, relaxed and a good way to unwind after a long day. You may not take bingo as seriously as some of the other players might but that doesn't mean you don't have fun. You just see it as a more recreational activity. Regardless, your status as a bonafide bingo player is cemented.

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