Interview With Casino Dukes’ Arfan Mirza (Promo Code Inside)

Droid Slots Interviews Logo With Droidy”Casino is a casino based on the theme of Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, and you can rest assured that there are quite a few opportunities to be on the receiving end of this redistribution of wealth. Starting with the great games, the jackpots, the slot tournaments and daily promotions, Casino Dukes is a promising mobile casino and we were itching to find out more in this interview.

New casinos are always either a big hit or an instant miss, and Casino Dukes has established itself firmly among the biggest hitting casinos from the get-go. Their welcome bonus of 250% bonus match, plus 20 free spins, is a great place to start, but we spoke with Arfan Mirza, the head of affiliate marketing team at Casino Dukes, to find out what else the casino offers. And it turns out that this ‘newbie' casino is quite something. Read on to find out all about it, including the welcome bonus code at the end!

Q: Arfan, thanks for agreeing to do an exclusive interview for Droid Slots. How long have you been associated with Casino Dukes and what are your exact duties?

Casino Dukes LogoA:  It is an absolute pleasure, I have a weak spot for Droid Slots as you are always the first to bring the latest news and developments in the gaming industry. As for myself, I recently became part of the Dukes family to head the affiliate marketing team. I am responsible for overseeing the management, development and growth of our affiliate partners.

Q: You’re a relative newcomer to the mobile casino market and new casinos open every week. How do you stay on top of your competition? In other words, what are the most important USPs that Casino Dukes leverages on?

A: We differentiate on various aspects from our competition, from our extensive game portfolio including unique Spin 16 games which offers a new dimension to slots, to our excellent rewards and daily match bonus offers for our players. In addition to this, something which is often overlooked: customer support.

We have an excellent support team in place that offers support by free phone, email and live chat 24/7. Finally, all players can take confidence in the fact that we are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission as well as by the MGA and take compliance very seriously.

Q: What’s the story behind the Medieval Ages theme of the casino, if there is one? 🙂 

A: We all know the story of Robin Hood, that legendary outlaw hero who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. And although it is general knowledge that this rebel and his band of merry men resided in Sherwood Forest, Robin and his yeomen were not alone in their quest for liberty. From the Great Keep of his castle on the edge of the forest, The Duke kept watch, providing the bandits with provisions, weapons and often shelter.

There are many tales about the Duke of Huntington, some even confusing his identity with that of Robin, The Hood, and the mystery abounds with whispered mentioned of saving King Richard from Austrian captivity, the ransom paid from the hidden treasure hidden in the heart of the castle: Gold and jewels, silver and gemstones.

Q: You offer an instant-play and a downloadable version of the casino. Are there major differences between the two? Which one offers a more complete gaming experience?

Instant Play vs Download at Casino DukesA: If you have not yet downloaded the casino, the instant-play offers quicker access. However, once downloaded, the downloaded version offers quicker loading of games and an overall better package experience. There is also no Roulette, Western Baccarat, and Vegas Craps on the online version as of yet.

Q: There is currently one tournament running on Sundays at Casino Dukes. Since we love casino tournaments, could we expect more to be available in the future?

A: We cater to our players’ requirements, currently we’re seeing a great take up of the Sunday tournaments, however we’re open to expand our tournament bouquet around our players habits and plan to do so in the future based on customer needs.

Q: Your games are unique and unlike any we’ve seen elsewhere, crafted by Genii. Which are some of the favourite ones that players love? Do you have any plans to add games from other developers in the future? 

A: These include Age of Spartans, Horn of Plenty and our pub classics seem to be firm favourites and with a new game release almost monthly, players are spoilt for choice. We offer a unique gaming experience on Desktop, mobile and tablet. Our game portfolio includes a range of slot games, roulette and video poker.

Genii Spin 16 Game InterfaceIn addition to this we have a number of Spin 16 games which offer players the option to spin the wheel in any direction both horizontally and vertically with extra winning lines and creating a very unique and exciting interactive experience. We are looking to release a brand new game in August and as always Droid Slots will be the first to review this.

Q: With so many promotions to go around at Casino Dukes, how do you manage to give out such huge rewards to players every single day? 

A: At Dukes, we put our players at the heart of our business. In addition to the excellent player support by free phone, email and live chat, we like to give our players the best possible user experience and a fair chance to win. The rewards are an extra treat and added value to the whole gaming experience for our players.

Q: To be honest, we aren’t huge fans of withdrawals via cheques, which seems to be one of the options at Casino Dukes. Is this going to change in the near future? Could we expect that the wire transfers will become free too?

A: As per the industry norm there are always costs associated with wire transfers, however, we go that extra step for our higher tier players. Where Squire, Knight and Baron are still subject to these fees, our Lord and Royalty tiers enjoy the privilege of free wire transfers.

Q: The gamification of your casino is fantastic: we love the player levels, the loyalty tiers and the great rewards that can be received, and this definitely sets you apart from other casinos. Do you think this is one of the keys to your continued success as a casino?

Casino Dukes Gamification LevelsA: It is definitely a great differential from other operators, and in line with our player-centric approach. We put our players first, and the loyalty tiers and rewards are there to enhance the gaming experience for our players. The fact that points can be exchanged for lifestyle merchandise and trips, is also a contributing factor.

Q: What are the management team's long term goals for this casino? 

A: We have set high standards for ourselves and our goals reflect this. Our aim is to establish Dukes as one of the most trusted Casino brands in the UK by offering an excellent gaming experience, promoting fair play and responsible gaming.

Q: How would you sum up Casino Dukes in three words? 

A:  Fun, entertaining and rewarding.

Q: Lastly, would you like to offer our readers a special promo code or discount to play real money games on your website?

Casino Dukes PromotionA:  We offer all your readers an amazing Welcome bonus of 250% up to £250 on the Bonus (code HELLODUKES), with an added treat of 20 Free Spins on Age of Spartans (code FSDUKE).

Play at Casino Dukes Now!

Thanks for the interview, Arfan! Although the casino is quite young, it is mature beyond it's “years”, offering great customer service, promotions and even this welcome bonus for Droid Slots readers! The casino not only looks great and works brilliantly on any and every mobile device, we are sure that the ambition of casino's management to become one of the most trusted casinos out there will soon come to fruition. So jump right into the action, enjoy their unique games and take advantage of the many bonuses and promotions available.

Arfan Mirza - Head of Affiliate Marketing at Casino Dukes

Interview conducted by Martina with Arfan Mirza, the head of affiliate marketing at Casino Dukes. 

Casino Dukes is a desktop and mobile casino that was recently opened. It provides top-notch customer service, offers a unique suite of games and lots of great promotions.

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