Interview with Cyber Club Casino’s Alex Winslow

Droid Slots Interviews Logo With DroidyCyber Club casino is one of those casinos that you don't necessarily know about, but when you register and get ‘inside', it's a great experience. Established just last year, it already has a hefty portfolio of games and great promotions to offer. Although there is still a bit of work to do, for example improving their social media presence, we foresee great things to come for Cyber Club casino!

Available both on desktop and mobile, Cyber Club casino really does offer something for everyone. If it's the latest NetEnt games you're after – they've got it, if it's jackpots – they've got millions of pounds sitting there, waiting to be claimed, and if it's just a pleasant and fair gaming atmosphere you're seeking, Cyber Club casino will cater for that as well.  Needless to say, we wanted to find out more about this casino and spoke to Alex Winslow, the affiliate manager. He provided us with plenty of insight about how the casino went from being relatively unknown to its current status as a respected, fair, and very much liked gaming haven. On top of all this, we get a peek into the casino's ambitious future plans to rule the gambling world.

Q: Alex, thanks for agreeing to do an exclusive interview for Droid Slots. How long have you been associated with Cyber Club Casino and what are your exact duties?

Cyber Club Casino LogoA:  Thank you for inviting me. I'm the affiliate manager and have been with Cyber Club Casino since it first launched. I’m responsible for many of the day to day activities, including organising our promotions and giveaways, managing our loyalty program and sorting out any player issues.

Q: Among the industry heavy-weights, you are a relative newcomer in the market. What was the vision with which you launched Cyber Club Casino, which has gone from strength to strength since?

A:  We wanted a casino that was fun and easy to use, where every single player is able to play their favourite games in one place. We wanted a casino that was available across all platforms without annoying apps or bugs. And we wanted to be open, honest and helpful for all of our players across the world. I think we’ve achieved everything we envisioned which, as you said, is why we have gone from strength to strength.

Q: With over 300 games on desktop and over 60 on mobile, you offer not only games by some of the most well-known developers such as NetEnt, but also smaller ones like Elk Studios. Is the game variety one of the keys to the success of Cyber Club?

A:  This is definitely something that is really important for us at Cyber Club Casino and it has definitely played a big part in our success. Every single player has their own favourite slot game or card game and we like to cater for everyone. It’s not always about the latest big slot game, it’s the little details that count at Cyber Club Casino.

Q: The jackpot winning potential is massive at Cyber Club Casino. What have been some of the memorable payouts to date?

A:  You’re definitely right Martina. The jackpot games are some of our most popular at Cyber Club Casino. Players can see the current jackpot for each of the games when they visit our jackpot games section, which you don’t see displayed very often. As for the payouts, there’s been too many to remember, but there have been several over $1,000,000 which is always really exciting for all of our staff!

Q: What are your most popular games at the moment? Why do you think that is? 

A:  Starburst is the biggest hit with our players, I think it’s due to the simple, classic “gem” style and the wildcard feature can get pretty crazy too. I personally love South Park Reel Chaos simply because it is really funny.

Q: Could you tell us a bit more about your Loyalty Scheme and what rewards the players stand to receive if they stick around?

A:  Cyber Club Casino offer plenty of bonuses to our loyal players. Players receive 500 loyalty points for their first deposit and then up to 2 loyalty points for each £10 that they wager. These loyalty points can then be redeemed as bonus cash to play with across the casino. We also regularly hand out VIP prizes such as iPads and champagne to our most loyal players.

Q: We love social media giveaways, but when we reviewed your casino a couple of months ago, we thought that you could do more via social media. Has your social media strategy evolved since the end of last year or can we expect it to?

A:  We are currently developing our social media strategy and we are looking at running a number of giveaways throughout the second half of this year. So keep an eye out on your favourite internet hangout!

Q: How are you currently trying to attract even more registered users to your casino?

A:  As I mentioned earlier we like to provide the highest number of games possible at Cyber Club Casino so everyone can play all of their favourite games in one place. We are currently giving players a 100% first deposit bonus along with a 50% second deposit bonus up to £1250 and we are always changing our bonuses based on player feedback to make them better.

Q: The POC tax was introduced at the end of last year. Did this in any (positive/negative) way affect your casino, or how did it alter the way you do business?

A:  We saw many casinos remove themselves from the UK market or remove certain promotions only for UK players after it was introduced and we didn’t think this was fair. We’re based in the UK so we obviously love players from the UK, so we didn’t change anything and we don’t plan on changing anything in the future.

Q: Has any part of your strategy/business changed since launch and if so, what has triggered that change?

A:  We’re proud to say that the overall vision that I mentioned in an earlier question still drives our key business strategies at Cyber Club Casino so there haven’t been any major changes to note.

Q: Is there anything else that is new at Cyber Club Casino? Are there any exciting promotions coming up that we should/could know about?

A:  I’m afraid I can’t say too much of course, but we’re always looking at new promotions for our players. Keep an eye on our new games section to play the latest games as soon as they’re released.

Q: What are the management team's long term goals for this casino? 

A:  We are hoping to grow year on year and eventually be one of the most recognised casinos across our main markets. There’s obviously a lot of work that goes into this and we’re constantly putting in the hours. After that, world domination.

Q: How would you sum up Cyber Club Casino in three words? 

A:  Cyber Club Casino. I’m only joking: Fun, Play and Bonus!

Thanks for the interview Alex! Certainly a lot of things are going on at Cyber Club Casino that will most likely propel it towards an even brighter future. For now, it is still an exciting time to play at Cyber Club, not only because of the great selection of games, the loyalty scheme and the promotions that the casino runs nearly every day, but also because the casino's management is continuously striving to improve. And we can definitely see it. Fair, honest and pleasant customer service, coupled with an appealing website and trouble-free mobile gaming, makes Cyber Club Casino a great proposition.

Interview conducted by Martina with Alex Winslow, the affiliate manager at Cyber Club casino. 

Cyber Club Casino is a desktop and mobile casino that launched last year and has already gained quite a loyal following. It offers over 300 games from NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, Leander Games and others, and it also has a great welcome bonus of 50 free spins and 100% deposit match.

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