Interview With Northern Lights Casino’s Prem Anand

Droid Slots Interviews Logo With Droidy”Northern opened back in January and when it came to reviewing it, there wasn't much information around (other than a casino in Minnesota with the same name). But we could predict that great things were to come for this desktop and mobile casino, which has since raked in regular players by offering a free fiver upon signing up, a welcome bonus match of up to £500, and NEKTAN games that we all know and enjoy. 

At first, we were skeptical whether yet another mobile NEKTAN casino could attract a crowd, but time has shown that we were wrong to doubt the appeal of the new site. So what paved their road to success in such a short time? We had a chat with Prem Anand, the affiliate manager of Northern Lights, to find out more about how the casino is doing and about any exciting future plans. He was kind enough to share the vision of the casino, the inside scoop on running a mobile casino day in and day out, and the near future plans.

Q: Prem, thanks for agreeing to do an exclusive interview for Droid Slots. How long have you been associated with Northern Lights Casino and what are your exact duties?

Northern Lights Casino LogoA:  First of all I would like to thank Droid Slots for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Northern Lights casino was launched on 1st of January 2015 and I’ve been the affiliate manager of Northern Lights Casino since its launch. In simple words, my duties are to keep our affiliates and players satisfied and managing their expectations.

I handle the affiliate operations such as recruiting of new affiliates to promote the brand and ensuring that they get all the new updated marketing materials on time, so that our players can take maximum advantage of the new offers and affiliates get the fruit for their efforts.

Q: Your casino is very new to the remote gambling market. What was the vision with which you launched it? 

rp_northern-lights-casino-desktop-screenshot.pngA: Our vision is to provide an ultimate gaming experience to casino lovers with a new and unique player friendly casino, all in a safe and secure gaming environment. At Northern Lights Casino we value the relationship with our players and we provide a 24/7 support which I believe has helped us a lot in terms of growth and player retention.

Q: What USPs do you leverage to attract new players? In other words, how do you differentiate yourselves from others and how are you unique? 

A: We want to make our players feel comfortable at Northern Lights Casino so we greet them with an instant credit of free £5 on their signup. We also extend our cash match bonuses on their real money deposits. Our players get a 200% cash match up to £50 on their first deposit followed by 100% cash match up to £200 on their second deposit and a 50% cash match up to £250 on their third deposits. Furthermore, we allow depositing via mobile billing, which helps us to attract lot of new players.

Q: You've launched on mobile first and then made player at Northern Lights on desktops available. Does this mean you are first and foremost a casino that focuses on mobile? Is mobile the future for you?

A: Yes, we believe in playing on the go a lot, but it’s a plus to have a desktop version too. Starting as a mobile only casino has given us more advantage to target the modern gamers. It’s always a positive thing to have entertainment in your pocket, which can be accessible anywhere anytime.

Q: You feature a limited selection of games by NEKTAN exclusively. Are there any plans to expand your game portfolio anytime in the future, such as adding other software developers? 

A: No, because NEKTAN has been a very good and supportive partner to us. We will be adding more new games to Northern Lights Casino very soon to keep our players entertained.

Q: You offer various, generous promotions at your casino. However, could you tell us a bit more about them?

A:  We have a 10% cashback offer on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday we offer a 10% on all losses to our players up to £100. We also have happy hour promotions where our players can get an extra 25% up to £50 on Mondays to Thursdays between (2pm – 5 pm) (GMT).

Q: We love connecting with our favourite casinos via social media, but we can't really find you on the most popular social media sites. Do you have any social media strategies in place for the future?

A: Our new offers are being updated in our Facebook page. We are in a process of increasing our social media presence. Very soon you will be able to see us in action.

Q: Has any part of your business strategy changed since launch and, if so, what has triggered that change?

A: We have continued to stick to our primary vision and our business strategy lies tangled with it. More happy, satisfied players and affiliates plays a strong part in our business strategy, and increases in their numbers results in our growth.

Q: Is there anything else that is new at Northern Lights Casino? Are there any upcoming changes or promotions that we should/could know about?

Boku Direct Carrier BillingA:  We have just added phone billing (BOKU) as a payment method which helps our players to deposit with ease. We will also be updating our lobby with more new and unique games very soon and we will be keep on adding new games every week.

Q: What are the management team's long term goals for this casino? 

A: We here at Northern Light Casino are determined to make our casino even more player friendly with all the latest trends in the industry. Our long term goal is to make Northern Lights Casino the best casino, loved by players in the entire remote gambling industry.

Q: How would you sum up Northern Lights Casino in three words? 

A:  Enjoy, entertain, earn.

Thanks for the interview Prem! It's been such a short while that the casino has been running, but it has already become one of our favourites. You may have seen that we wholeheartedly recommend this casino on our homepage, but reading this interview must have made up your mind even further. The casino is regularly being updated, such as introducing mobile bill payments and new games, and striving for success. And we are sure they will continue to be successful in attracting new players. Who wouldn't want to play at a casino that offers 24/7 customer support, a great suite of games and a cool environment to play in?

Prem Anand - Nothern Lights Casino Affiliate Manager

Interview conducted by Martina with Prem Anand, the affiliate manager at Northern Lights casino. 

Northern Lights Casino is a desktop and mobile casino that was opened at the beginning of 2015. It offers a suite of NEKTAN games, some generous promotions and is continuously being updated.

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