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Droid Slots Team June 2015Welcome to the Droid Slots Meet the Team page. Just like we want to give mobile casinos a personal feeling in our articles, we also want to give our articles a human face, and this is where you can see those faces! The writers on the Droid Slots team are passionate mobile slots players first and keen writers second, each with a perfectly-balanced combination of technical expertise and fanaticism.

From honest reviews and news articles to hard hitting analysis on industry trends, we cover a broad range of topics, and need a broad knowledge base; this is why each writer has a special area of interest in which they are experts! Over the past 3 years, we have honed our writing and focus so that we can now boast to have published over 430 articles which our readers will find interesting and informative!

Meet the team below…


Daisy Drinking Coffee

Always travelling, Daisy joined the Droid Slots team to help you navigate your way through the online casino world. She contributes to the Guide section, so whether you’re a beginner or just want some extra advice make sure to check out Daisy’s articles.

Since joining Droid Slots she’s worked on producing guides for up and coming aspects of the casino world, such as our Binary Options guide.

A Philosophy and Literature graduate at heart, expect in-depth analysis, debate and clarity in Daisy’s articles. Think of her as the Socrates of Droid Slots – an unexamined casino is not worth playing.

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David AvatarDavid is Droid Slots’ resident news reporter. His main concern is making sure readers know about all the goings on in the mobile slots world. He keeps his ear to the ground to make sure no new game or new casino launch slips through the net, and ensures that Droid Slots publishes news of latest mobile casino developments as soon as he knows about them.

As an English literature graduate and Masters student in film and literature, David makes sure all his posts are as entertaining as the best cinema and as compelling as the finest novels. He also likes to make shiny comic strips.

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Duncan leaning and posingDuncan is Droid Slots’ chief editor. No post makes its way onto the site without first passing under his discerning eye, meaning that everything you read is crystal clear and factually accurate. He also makes the odd contribution to news, to make sure that our readers are totally up to date with the goings on at their favourite casinos.

Duncan has been writing for Droid Slots so long that he dreams about slots, and has a compulsion to share everything he knows about mobile casinos with anyone who will listen – while this is boring for his friends and family, it’s great news for the Droid Slots’ readers. He is also always the first to know about the best promotions about to go live, so not a bad person to have around.

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fiona-avatar-meet-the-teamFiona is taking a break from writing for Droid Slots at the moment, but when she is writing, she's incredibly helpful to readers, mainly writing articles in the Guide section.

She has been instrumental in creating clear and useful guides for important casino topics such as Gamification and the use of Ukash as a banking method.

Fiona has a background in academic writing, and uses her experience to write in-depth, well-researched articles about particular aspects of mobile gambling. Expect articles that are clear and accessible to gamblers of all levels. Once you’ve finished reading you’ll feel less confused and more informed.

All in all, is working with the Droid Slots team to equip you with all the information you’ll need to enjoy the world of mobile gambling.

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martina-avatar-meet-the-teamMartina focuses mainly on contributing to the ‘Reviews’ and ‘Interviews’ sections of the website, as well as trying her hand at the comic strips.

A features journalist by training, she always strives for accuracy, objectivity and depth in her content, so you can rest assured her reviews are brutally honest, the interviews offer valuable industry insider scoop, and the occasional guide is as comprehensive as possible. There will be no ‘fluff’ or prettying things up – just valuable content that will help you enjoy online casino gaming even more.

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Nayana looking through Red Heart Shaped SpectaclesNayana is currently taking a break from writing for Droid Slots in order to follow her academic ambitions, but we hope she'll be back soon to keep the team in check.

A science researcher by training, when she is writing for the site, she nurtures her natural instincts by writing few articles each month for her section ‘Interviews’ and ‘Software Providers’. Both sections are meant to provide a high-level industry perspective on what's happening in the UK mobile gambling circuit. If you're fond of well-researched “techie” type articles in the field of mobile gambling, you don't want to miss her views on these topics.

Nayana also works as Droid Slots' site admin assistant. If you see new stuff on the website, you know who's been testing and implementing those changes. On the personal front, Nayana is a dabbler in various art forms. She aspires to hold three successful (parallel) careers in writing, science research, and music within the next couple of years!

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Victoria smiling and holding mobile phoneVictoria started playing slots when she joined the Droid Slots team. Her first assignment was to start playing at casinos, which she has documented on ‘The Mobile Casino Blogging Project’.

Since then, she's played countless slots games, compared various mobile casinos and earned her place as the team's reviewer and critic. In her casino reviews and game reviews, you'll find all the “specs” and exclusive playing strategies, plus screenshots and Youtube videos too! There's no sugar-coating or boot-licking involved in her reviews; it's all honest and (hopefully) helpful. For gamers, by gamers.

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We're always keen to grow our team so as to offer even more high quality content to our many avid readers. If you have the gift of the gab and the knowledge of mobile casino to back it up, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us to find out how you can contribute a guest post, or work with us.