Aquaman Slot Makes Landfall As Movie Hits the Big Screen

28th December2 min read

If you haven’t heard the fuss about the latest big budget superhero movie release then you must have water in your ears. That’s right, we’re talking about Aquaman, the latest instalment in DC Comics extended universe cinema franchise.

With reviews ranging the full gamut from “a massive adventure” and "there's a lot of fun to be had" to “over-complicated yet predictable” and (rather mercilessly) "a complete bellyflop", it’s fair to say this film is making a splash for a host of different reasons.

This is likely to be a teensy bit of a disappointment for the bigwigs over at Warner Bros (the powers behind the DC movie juggernaut) as they were pretty sure Jason Momoa’s roguish charm mixed in with a gazillion dollars’ worth of underwater CGI effects would hit audiences for six. Indeed, they hoped Aquaman would emulate the blockbusting success of 2017’s Wonder Woman, undoubtedly the biggest crowd pleaser of all the six movies released under the DC extended universe banner thus far.

The New Aquaman Slot

Despite this though, there is one area where Aquaman can look Wonder Woman squarely in the eye and that’s in the all-important arena of superhero slot games. Forget all about the celluloid kingdoms of Atlantis or Amazonia, this is the realm that really matters. And it’s fair to say, in this respect at least, The King of the Seven Seas is an all-swimming, all-dancing success.

Of course, we should emphasise the fact that, like the various Wonder Woman slots available online, the Aquaman slot released by Playtech isn’t a movie-tie in. Thus, it isn’t Momoa’s rippling physique, handsome Maori features and flowing locks flashing up before you, but the blonde-haired, blue-eyed all-American merman from the DC comic books. If you want to see the former then you’ll have to steer your ship over to Justice League – Playtech’s exhilarating superhero slot offering, which was way more enjoyable than the 2017 film it was licensed from.

How Aquaman Works

So how does this Aquaman slot shape up? Well, as you’d expect from the spandex-loving boffs over at Playtech, Aquaman looks and plays like a dream. As with all the other DC slots in Playtech’s superhero stable, this five-reel, 243 ways to win offering makes you feel like you’ve actually stepped into the pages of a comic book, with bold, colourful characters moving the action along atop a gloriously rendered underwater backdrop of the city of Atlantis. And thanks to Playtech’s penchant for throwing the kitchen sink at gameplay, the action comes thick and fast, with a host of exciting extras and neat touches popping up with heart-thumping regularity.

Chief among these gaming treats is the Trident Wild Respins, a romp of a feature that sees Aquaman launching his trident at the reels to lock them in place. There’s also the fun Ocean Rush Respins feature, which can be triggered at the same time as the Trident Wild to create real comic book magic and deliver genuinely handsome payouts. Moreover, Aquaman is part of Playtech’s renowned DC Super Heroes Jackpot network, which can drop at any time and on any spin. Once activated, you simply need to make a random choice from four options: Mini, Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot. These amounts can be very significant indeed, with the Grand Jackpot typically offering life-changing rewards of heroic proportions.

When you bear in mind Aquaman can be played from just 25p and offers regular payouts of some 2000x your stake (if you have the right multipliers in place), it’s clear Playtech has come up trumps yet again with this hugely enjoyable action-packed slot. Perhaps Warner Bros should get them in to produce their next DC movie...

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