ASA Condemns Mobile Sport Operator FanBet for Suicide Ad

asaThis how you don't advertise gambling. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has condemned mobile sports operator, FanBet, for using suicidal imagery in an advert on an Arsenal FC fan page. The advert showed a rotating slide and one image caused a stir. It showed the silhouette of a man who'd hung himself up by a rope above the caption: “SAVE YOURSELF”. The gruesome imagery shows heavy links between problem gambling and suicide which the ASA claimed to be “irresponsible”. We can hardly blame them.

An Advertiser's Responsibility

fanbetHere at Droid Slots, we have written many articles on problem gambling and how best to avoid it with responsible gambling. It is, of course, down to the player to recognise and tackle any gambling problems they may have. But the casino/betting operator also shares some of that responsibility.

There are many measurements in place, for example, to ensure that players do not become addicted to betting. Not only do these measurements protect the company's reputation but they protect its customers as well; problem gambling has been known to lead to debt, depression and, of course, suicide.

The creation of FanBet's advert, therefore, was a completely thoughtless thing to do. We are sure there was no malicious intent but we do believe FanBet should have known better. Both Arsenal and FanBet have promised to judge their content's appropriateness better in future. The ad has since been taken down from the website

Using gambling to escape problems is a sign of addictionA Serious Issue

If you think this is an overreaction, consider this: would you buy alcohol if the company showed an alcoholic committing suicide?

Problem gambling is no laughing matter. It is an addiction like any other and has been known to destroy lives. If the signs are not caught early enough, it can get out of hand very quickly. That's why here at Droid Slots we promote responsible gambling as much as possible so that our readers know when they are taking things too far.

If you are reading this and believe you may have a gambling problem then please seek help immediately. Do not let it get out of hand. Impose restrictions on your deposits. Take a break. Like any addiction, problem gambling can be overcome and it's best to be well-informed to take steps towards helping yourself.


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