bet365 Player Threatens to Sue Over £54K Withdrawal

bet365 logo with gavelOnline betting shop, bet365, looks like they have a lot to answer for as an angered player called them out for not keeping her away from her winnings. British paper, The Guardian, reported on Tuesday that the anonymous female player claimed she was having trouble getting bet365 to hand over her £54,000 worth of winnings from her account. Fed up with their constant delays and excuses, the player decided to take legal action against them. Oh dear.

The Story

angry woman shouting at phone

So what is this all about? Well, to make things clear, it's best to start at the beginning. On 16th April, this mysterious female punter opened her bet365 account and put £30,000 into her account. A rather large amount but there we are.

According to sources, she spent the first session of gambling on horse-racing and was rather unsuccessful in pulling any wins. She lost £23,000 and a received same-day notice from the bet365 that her betting limit had been raised.

But 18th April was her lucky day — she won so much money that she bumped her remaining £7,000 up to £54,000, which is immensely lucky and great for her considering the losses she made previously. Unfortunately, bet365 had decreed that it was a “trading decision” to put a cap on her betting stakes to just £1 on horse-racing. For everything else, they said, she could bet as much as she wanted.

Put out by this, the player requested that her account balance to be transferred onto her debit card and although bet365 agreed to it, the money has yet to appear in her account. After endless email exchanges and phone conversations, bet365 asked the punter for bank statements to confirm her source of income, as per the UKGC's regulations. Despite all that, however, they still haven't given her the money. She has now threatened to sue them.

What Will Likely Happen

Bet365 LogoIt is likely that bet365 will have no choice but to hand over the money. If all evidence suggests that the punter had no suspicious methods of obtaining her larger-than-average income then she is entitled to the money that she won, even if it is a substantial amount.

What could be possibly causing this delay is anyone's guess as the organisation declined to comment when interviewed by The Guardian. We hope bet365 don't have any ulterior motive behind this and come to their senses. If they don't, this will likely damage their reputation and less customers would want to bet with them.


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