Casumo Mobile Casino Challenges Offer Trip to Vegas and More

casumo challenge casinoCasumo casino challenges have made their well overdue return and they're bringing you the biggest prizes ever. The concept is simple. You select one of 3 difficulty modes and then you then have 30 days from the 15th February to complete all the challenges on offer. Whoever is highest on the leaderboard at the end of the month, wins the grand prize of an all expenses trip to Vegas.

We'll take a look at what you have to play to enter, what you can win and everything in between. Regardless of your bankroll, we'll find the challenge suitable for you, so you can get in on the action this month.

Win a trip to vegas with casumo!

The Casumo Challenges

So now you know where the challenges are being held, let's find out how you can enter and what's at stake.

Select Your Difficulty

You can select between 3 difficulties. An important thing hardcore mode casumoto note is that once you select your difficulty, you can't change it. So be careful! The difficulties affect 2 things. It affects how much you have to spend as your minimum bet and also what prize you can win during the competition at the end of it all.

  • Easy – £0.50 min bet & £25 – £800 grand prize
  • Medium – £1 min bet & £50 – £1,500 grand prize
  • Hardcore – £3 min bet & £100 – all expenses paid trip to Vegas with £5000 spending money

The Prizes

As you can see, the prize on the harcasumo vegasdcore mode jumps considerably in both minimum bet and the top grand prize. This is the mode where you have the opportunity to win that once in a lifetime trip to Vegas.

The challenges take into account the top 30 players, who all win something different.

  • 30th – 6th place wins the same amount of the lowest prize
  • 5th to 2nd place win increasingly larger prizes
  • The winner receives the grand prize

casumo prizesThere are also sub prizes which you win after completing a certain number of challenges. These are not relative to anyone else and simply reward you for reaching certain milestones of the competition.

These rewards are free spins which can be played on specific slots at Casumo. Each free spin is worth the amount of your min bet, depending on which difficulty you've selected.  Free spins come with a wagering requirement of 30x.

How To Play

casumo sumoThe challenges are taking place from the 15th February – 14th March, during which players must complete 7 challenges. Unlike other casino challenges where there would be a new challenge every few hours, players have the entire month to play all of the challenges at their own pace.

Player's don't have a limit to how many times they can attempt challenges either. They can replay the game as much they want to boost their score. All scores are listed on a leaderboard, so players can repeat challenges until they're satisfied with their position.

Some game won't allow you to play certain challenges on them, but a slot will always let you know before you place a bet if it will count or not.

So what are these challenges?

  • Spin challenge – Spin 100 timescasumo challenges
  • Win challenge – Win 100 times in a slot
  • Combo win challenge – Win 3 times in a row
  • Big Win challenge – Get 3 big wins

These objectives slowly scale the deeper you get into the competition, with you first having to win 100 times in a slot, before later having to win 400 times in a slot.

The Aim of The Game

casumo casino challengeYour success is based on how much money you win in total once you've completed the challenge.

Whoever wins the most on a 100 spins, wins the challenge. Whoever wins the most within their 3 wins in a row, wins the challenge. Whoever's 3 big wins in a row are worth the most, wins… you guessed it.

The Month of Casino Challenges Now At Casumo

With any luck, we hope we've explained casumo wineverything you need to know the tackle the challenges ahead at Casumo. It's a shame we can't give you any more luck to get to the top of the leaderboard, but we certainly wish you it all the same.

So good luck from now, until the March 14th. We know we'll need it too.

get involved with the casumo casino challenge!

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