Chelmsford Carer Wins £1m Lottery By Mistake

unclaimed lottery winImagine winning the lottery because you were given the wrong tickets. Well, that's what happened to Chelmsford care worker, Lynn Groves, after she had her tickets reprinted at her local shop. Thanks to that reprinting, she got the winning numbers for the night and won a million pounds! It was a staggering piece of luck in what is a simple story of misunderstanding. And someone said chance of winning were reduced?

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What Happened?

national lottery giftIt was an ordinary day for the grandmother of eight before she made her way to the shop to print her Lottery tickets. After the shopkeeper mistakenly gave her some EuroMillion tickets, Lynn could've shrugged, gone home and probably not win anything.

Instead, she asked if her tickets could possibly be reprinted as Lotto tickets. The shopkeeper did as she asked as a result, Lynn unknowingly gained the winning ticket. Talk about luck.

 Aussie Holiday

lottery ballsSo what does the lucky winner plan to do with her money? Well, family comes first so the first thing she'll do is buy her children and partner new cars as well as take her children to Disneyland. She also plans to also set up a “little nest-egg” for them. Awww.

As for herself? Lynn plans to to retire at the ripe old age of 58. But she's not stopping there. Out of gratitude for printing the winning tickets, she plans to live up to her promise of buying her shopkeeper a holiday down under if she wins. How generous of her! The fact she joked about it shows how she much she expected to win.

After her big win, she said: “Winning the [raffle] means I can look after my nearest and dearest. This will give me more joy and happiness than any flash car or exotic holiday.” Well, all we can say is congratulations to her and her family! We hope they enjoy the money.

And, um… Is she willing to share?

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