Golden Fish Tank Slot By Yggdrasil Hits Kaboo Casino February

golden fish tank slot

Yggdrasil have managed to slip in a new slot release just before the end of February and it's looking to be one of a kind. That slot is Golden Fish Tank and it's having a surprisingly small fanfare based on the features it's bringing to the table.

The only casino we know of currently where it's releasing is Kaboo Casino, with a release date set for 24th February. A low key Yggdrasil slot must have peaked your interest. Given that, let's take a look at Golden Fish Tank and see what it's got that's so original.

Play Golden Fish Tank at Kaboo casino from february!

Golden Fish Tank Info

  • 5 x 3 reels with 25 paylines
  • 96.8% RTP
  • Free spins mode & Feature Pick
  • Golden Bet feature

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Golden Fish Tank comes with agolden fish tank bonus free spins bonus feature. This is unlocked by spinning free spins symbols. The more symbols you spin, the more free spins and feature picks you unlock.

We'll get to feature picks in a moment, but effectively they're additional bonuses that will be in effect during the free spins mode. What this means is that your free spins mode won't be an ordinary affair. It'll be different every time based on the variations you pick randomly beforehand.

  • 3 free spin symbols gives 6 free spins and 3 feature picks
  • 4 free spin symbols gives 8 free spins and 4 feature picks
  • 5 free spin symbols gives 10 free spins and 5 feature picks

The more symbols you spin, the more free spins you gain and the more feature picks you receive. Free spin symbols aren't available during free spins mode, so you can only spin for additional spins outside of free spins mode. Once you hear how great feature picks are, you'll understand why.

Feature Picks

Feature picks are the most exciting part of golden fish tank free spinsGolden Fish Tank. Effectively, they are additional variables that are in effect during free spins mode. Depending on how many free spins symbols you spin, you'll get more free spins and a greater choice of feature picks.

At the bottom of the slot are shells. You randomly select these shells, to reveal what feature picks you'll receive. The picks up for grabs are:

  • Multiplier on all wins
  • Extra free spins
  • Random wilds
  • Fixed wilds
  • Super stacked symbols
  • Symbols that become wild

Any number of these can be effective during evGolden-Fish-Tank-Yggdrasil-Slotery spin of your free spins mode. It depends which feature picks you get. In theory if you got to choose 5 feature picks and manage to get no overlap, you could have 5 of these in play during your free spins mode. Imagine how ridiculous that would be.

Of course, it's possible you can double up. If it's more free spins then that's great. But it could be double, triple or even quadruple the random wilds or super stacked symbols. This could lead to some unforgettable free spin rounds.

But the crazy thing is, it gets even better.

Golden Bet Feature

The Golden Bet feature allows you to make your free spins even more insane during your time in the Golden Fish Tank. At any time you can choose to place the Golden Bet. This bet increases your wager from 20 coins to 25 coins. This amount scales the more you bet, so if you were betting 40 coins and switched to golden bet, you'd increase your wager to 50 coins.

Golden bet offers you 1 additiongolden fish tank symbolsal feature pick if you get a free spins bonus that turn. It's a big risk, so most probably won't use it. But given how great the feature picks are, it could be worth the risk. Either way, it's a great addition to make the strategy even deeper when you're tackling your free spins mode.

Golden Fish Tank At Kaboo Casino

Golden Fish Tank is being criminally undKaboo Casino Logoer represented for what it's bringing to the table. We'll have to wait to play it until we see if its RTP actually matches how often the free spins and feature picks will appear.

But if it manages to hold up as much as we hope it does, Golden Fish Tank could really be turning into something special. All we hope is that Yggdrasil can keep this winning streak up for the next year. As far as 2016 has gone for now, they're certainly proving themselves enough.

Play Golden Fish Tank at Kaboo casino from february!

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