IGT Bringing The Iconic ‘The 100,000 Pyramid’ Slot To Mobile

100000 pyramid slots mobileOn the 11th of February 2016, a blast from the past is on its way to mobile, in the form of The 100,000 Pyramid. It's the iconic slot that's been haunting our mobile casinos for a few years now. Until now, it hasn't been available on mobile platforms.

From February, that's about to change, as IGT has created a mobile port of the slot, which will be available across all the mobile versions of the casinos it resides on. The good new is you might not even have to switch mobile casinos to play it.

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The 100,000 Pyramid Slot On SmartPhones

100,000 Pyramid Mobile Slot Preview

The first thing you may notice about the slot, is that it looks pretty aged. It's based on 80s tv game shows, but even so, the slot still looks its age. In terms of basic features, it's bare bones. It's a 5 x 3 reel slot, with 15 paylines. It has a free spins mode that is activated by scatter symbols and wild symbols to substitute for all symbols aside from scatters.

Seems predictable for now. Luckily, the saving grace is that behind those old visuals, it's still holding some pretty amazing potential wins.

The Reason It's So Popular

The reason why The 100,000 Pyram100000-Pyramid-slotid has become such a hit for IGT and among players is its wagering multipliers. The slot isn't called 100,000 for no reason. You can potentially win up to 100,000x on any single line bet.

The 100,000 Pyramid slot can be played from a pound a line. With 15 paylines, this leads you every spin to cost £15 in total, at minimum. On that £15, if you win on 1 line, you can potentially win £100,000 cash on any single bet line, which is massive 100,000x more. This can occur at random on every spin, although obviously very rarely.

For the £15 total bet, that's 6,666x your origin100000 pyramid bonus roundal bet, which is mind blowing. And that's only the ultimate jackpot. You can get any win in between, be that 1,000x, 10,000x or 500x your bet.

Even winning a 100th of the jackpot, still leaves you with a 1000x your original bet. Not many other slots can claim that range of wins, outside of progressive jackpot slots.

The 100,000 Pyramid Slot Returns

If you're a big fan from the past, or y100000 pyramid logoou've managed to miss it until now; you get a second chance with The 100,000 Pyramid on mobile. As a slot itself, it has a fun bonus round and generally covers all bases. But when it comes to its potential wins, there's no other regular slot like it.

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