Draft King UK Release Pushed Forward To 2016

DraftKings-logoUS Fantasy Sports giant, DraftKings, has had its UK release date delayed until early 2016. The sportsbook operator gained is UK Gambling Commission license all the way back in August of this year and was set to launch in around October. However, that was pushed onto December and, oh look, December's almost over and it's still not here. What's taking it so long? According to reports, it may be down to legal disputes with rival companies across the pond. 

draftkings-product-showcase-footballSo who are DraftKings and why should we be excited? Well, they're only the biggest Daily Fantasy Sports Operator in the US. They provide a platform that allow players a unique way to experience fantasy sports through the implementation of mobile technology. Many other operators use this however DraftKings goes one step further and provides both free and paid contests, making availability look easy. There's little wonder why slot casinos feel threatened by this section of the industry.

However, if the company keeps on delaying its UK release, they could miss out on some huge potential. Pippa Hancock, DraftKing's spokesperson, confirmed in a statement that the long-awaited launch has indeed been delayed to “early next year,” but did not mention exactly when. Perhaps this is for the best — that way they won't be pressured into making a deadline. Still, it's hard to be excited for something when we're not sure when it'll be coming.

Why the delay?

In August, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins said: “our expansion into the United Kingdom marks a milestone moment in the growth of DraftKings as we introduce our world class product to new audiences. We will add new sports and games to our burgeoning roster of offerings and further connect fans to their favourite teams and players.” 

Angry looking judge holding book and gavelThe reason for this delay is because of a law dispute against DraftKings main competitor FanDuel over a legal squabble in the States. Both were given a stay of injunction by a New York appellate court last week against the attorney general's ruling that DFS constitutes a game of chance under state law, making it illegal in the Empire State. California held a hearing regarding DFS (not the sofa shop) on Wednesday, in order to frame the state's approach to the industry.

Yikes! If this case carries on much longer it could lead to further delays so we hope the US courts system gets a move on.

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