GAMING1 Launches New Betting Terminal

Gaming-1-logoMobile casino specilist, GAMING1, announced its intention to deliver a new high-performance betting terminal which would incorporate both online and offline gambling.  This is great new for mobile players as they will be able to make use of new technologies that will cover a lot of ground. And this isn't just the company blowing their own trumpet. sportsbook-lg-01

The betting terminal, GAMING1 has claimed, will feature a sportsbook that will broadcast more than 20,000 live events every month, all across 50 different kinds of sports. This is integeral considering how we at Droid Slots believe the sports betting industry to be the biggest in the UK.

In addition to that, customers would be treated to a new full HD wide-angle screen, industrial-grade computer and high-precision code reader. Not only will this make sports betting more inclusive and accessible but also more enjoyable.

Sylvain Boniver, chief executive of GAMING1, said: “We understand what different betting customers want and have built this leading-edge terminal to satisfy player demands for comfort, playability and intuitive betting.

“GAMING1 offers versatile products that can succeed in any number of markets, with personalisation at the heart of what we can give customers.”

logo-circus-group-logoAs a member of Circus Group, GAMING1 will offer the terminal as a white-label, which allows customers to personalise their systems with their own aesthetic or even go as far as tailor to fit the needs of their local brands.

This means that mobile casinos get to change their sportbooks to look anyway they want to draw in more customers. Awesome! We look forward to seeing how much this brings in for online sports betting.


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