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Stock Market Graph with PenIt’s one of the universal truths of mobile and online gambling that when the industry is doing well, players reap the windfall; that when the companies that run mobile casinos or make slots are booming, we enjoy the benefits of this success. That’s why this week should be looked at as great news by players, as a number of the largest igambling companies have revealed rising and record turnover in the second quarter and first half of the year.

Gambling Industry on a High

It’s around this each year that companies throughout the world announce their performance both over the last 3 and 6 month periods. Now to announce that the igambling industry is growing is definitely not news, but with so many companies posting massive and in some cases record breaking growth, one has to wonder why the start of 2016 has been so good.

Big industry names – such as slots and casino games developers like NYX Gaming and Playtech, as well as casino operators like 888 Holdings and Gala Coral – have reported surges in revenue in the last few months, and it’s not just the companies themselves who benefit from these gains; they pass the success down to the players too!


How Mobile Casino Players Benefit

It’s kind of simple logic – a growing industry means more, better games from developers, and more, generous bonuses from mobile casinos. Whenever a company posts strong growth figures, they always talk about their plans for further growth in the future, while stagnating companies tend not to have the spare money for investment in innovative new releases.

For most of the companies posting strong figures this week, their success comes on the back of delivering great games and great service to players. It follows, then, that with more money to play with, the games and service they offer in the future will be even better. Read on to get an in depth look at how the companies’ success is having an impact on how we play.


Why the Big Winners are so Successful

NYX Gaming Group

NYX Gaming Logo Arguably the biggest winner in the first half of the year – if you look at the percentage of growth alone – is the NYX Gaming Group. NYX is a growing gaming powerhouse; a mobile slots and casino games developer with a growing industry presence, and a keen eye for opportunities to grow both its portfolio, and its business.

In the 6 months to 30th June, NYX reported an astonishing 166% revenue growth on the same period the previous year. The Canadian company’s head, Matt Davey, has said that their aim now is to build on this record rise to build sustainable revenue growth.


One of the biggest drivers of revenue at NYX has been its own Open Platform System and Open Gaming System, which are used by mobile casinos to host and run slots and casino games both from NYX and third parties. Although these have been in play for some years, one of the reasons being pointed to as responsible for the latest growth is the acquisition of the OpenBet platform in April, which expanded NYX’s reach and public profile.


While the strength and success of its gaming platforms are of great importance to NYX as a business, to the players which are its ultimate customers, the biggest benefit from the growth is no doubt the impressive 26 (yes, 26!) game title the company released in the first half of the year.

In just the last couple of months alone, NYX’s in-house mobile slots studio – NextGen – has been responsible for some of the biggest game title releases. If you enjoyed A Dragon’s Story, Robin Hood Prince of Tweets or Wolfpack Pays, or were excited by the relaunch of the DC comics slots range, then you have NYX and the success it’s been experiencing.


888 Holdings

888 holdings logoAnother company doing well in the last quarter is 888 Holdings, who announced a 21% in revenue against the same period last year, with total revenue chiming in at a whopping $229.5m. 888 Holdings is the parent company of 888 Casino, 888 Sport, 888 Bingo and a number of other betting ventures, so such large revenue isn’t unheard of, but it’s having some surprisingly far reaching consequences.

Strong Casino Performance

While its sports betting was the runaway success (with a staggering 63% revenue rise), for the last quarter, 888 Holding has been buoyed by a 31% increase in revenue from its 888 Casino venture. This growth is in no small part thanks to the increased frequency of competitive 888 Casino bonuses, as well as the systematic growth of its games portfolio.

The great news for casino players is that these figures will confirm for 888 that the focus on developing a stronger mobile casino offering has really paid off, and encourage them to redouble their efforts in making it more attractive for players in the future (a win for us!).

No Merger on the Cards

One interesting piece of news to come out during the announcement of 888 Holding’s successful figures is that the company is now more determined than ever not to slip into a merger with the Rank Group.

Talks earlier this year were being held, with an eye to a three way merger between 888, Rank and William Hill. After William Hill dropped out of negotiations, Rank has been pushing for the merger to continue between the two remaining parties. However, on the back of the strength of the new figures announced this week, 888 Holdings seems determined to stick it out alone. Only time will tell how savvy this move will be.


Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming LogoYggdrasil Gaming is another contender for most successful growth in the first half of this year. Although revenue hasn’t leapt quite as far as a percentage as compared to NYX, the impressive fact that player interactions with Yggdrasil games has grown by an impressive 1062% could spell even better news for the developer.

While more cash in the short term can help you afford to buy more and better games, it’s worth remembering that Yggdrasil is still a relatively young company, and as such will probably benefit more in the long run from an increased company profile now, rather than larger revenue.

Leap in Mobile Slots

It’s still not quite three years since Yggdrasil hit the online casino scene, and still up to a little over two year ago, the company was still focusing almost entirely on desktop browser slots for development. The figures from the first half of this year, however, demonstrate how much things have changed for the Swedish slot developer.

Now Yggdrasil can boast that 48% of its revenue from mobile gaming – a fact which has helped win it new license agreements with the likes of bet365 and With this ever increasing audience, if you’ve never come across an Yggdrasil game before, you’re likely to in the near future. Characterised by stunning visuals and world class animation, Yggdrasil slots like Legend of The White Snake Lady or the Bicicleta Mobile Slot are well worth checking out.

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