Ladbroke Announces “Industry First” Gamification Scheme

Ladbrokers LogoBetting-shop giant, Ladbrokes, has announced its December “gamification” rewards scheme which will be under the name ‘Ladbrokes Life Adventure'. What does this latest scheme entail? It rewards players based on how much they play their favourite games! But instead of just dishing out real money, the players receives rewards in the form of scratch cards with guaranteed cash prizes.

Discover Ladbrokes Life Adventure

Ladbrokes – Game on! campaignWhat's “gamification”?

The gamification project allows players to collect coins that can be traded for scratchcards. Every card promises a cash reward for the lucky player.

If you're already part of Ladbrokes, your enrolment is automatic into the scheme, just to make things that little bit easier by keeping in-line with the company's current brand campaign.

Stacks of Cartoon Gold Coins

Exchange coins for scratch cards

Pablo Grunbaum, Ladbrokes digital chief, said: “Our new rewards scheme is the most innovative and ambitious in the gaming industry and we are looking forward to introducing it across our full range of products in time.”

If one of the high-ups is excited for this game, then we should be too!

How do I play?

Ladbrokes will incorporate this gamification reward scheme throughout all the products it has to offer. That includes:

  • Sports betting
  • Vegas suite
  • Bingo
  • Poker

So no matter whether you're a bingo-nut or roulette-player, you'll be able to take advantage of this fantastic promotion no matter what. This scheme will also be available across all platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet.

The gamification scheme is already in its trial-basis stage to select customers but next month, if successful, it will be available to all. Click the button beloiw to join up today!

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