mFortune’s Mobile Casino Releases Sherlock Holmes Online Slot

1812-100-sherlock-htnN2erC7The game's afoot over at mFortune this December with the release of the Sherlock Holmes online video slot. Play as the legendary Sherlock Holmes as you solve the case to win big cash prizes! With the rise in popularity for the world's greatest detective in recent years, largely to do with the BBC's Sherlock series, it's little wonder  why mFortune has jumped on the bandwagon to develop this game and stuffed it full of features.

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This game, as previously mentioned, is chock-full of features that can help players earn large cash prizes. Some of those features include:

  • mfortuneFirst deposit 100% match bonus
  • Progressive jackpot and 2 mini-games
  • Big jackpots to be won, £30m+ won each month
  • Deposit by card or your phone bill – easy!
 And, for a limited time only, new players will get an £8 no deposit bonus (which is usually £5) in celebration of the game's release. This is a fantastic offer and we strongly suggest you take it while you can.
Finally, we will be reviewing this title in its entirety very shortly. So watch this space and have fun playing. Elementary, dear Watson!


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