Mr Green Mobile Casino Bid to Win Back Players

Mr Green Mobile Casino Redecoration

Known for its stellar customer service and generous payouts, award-winning Mr Green has recently released an upgraded website with a clear layout and simple design in an effort to appeal to new players. But can it recover after revealing to have lost nearly SEK 76m (£5.8m) in its last quarter?

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Available to all residents of the UK, Ireland, Poland and Canada, Mr Green provides an online casino experience like no other.

With video slots ranging from Game of Thrones to MegaJackpots among card games and roulette, players receive generous payouts for their membership. The site is richly stylish that is simple to navigate with an excellent scroll-down feature which makes discovering new games an absolute pleasure.

It is clearly one of the top online casinos out there with a total revenue of up to SEK 201.6m (£15m) in the last quarter. However, recent tax allegations have come to light after the Q3 report. CEO, Per Norman, disclosed that the company's recent loss was due to “recognition of an amount corresponding to SEK 25.4m in tax compared with SEK 0.4m in the year-earlier period.”

“The aesthetics are gorgeous and its vast selection of games guarantees hours of entertainment.”

But after recent complaints to the European Commission, Austria intends to take Mr Green to court since their territory demands a 40% tax on overall gross gaming wins, which Mr Green has allegedly failed to pay up. The process is still within its appeal stage and is expected to take several years to pass through.

Will this be enough to damage Mr Green's reputation? Doubtful, considering it already has a built-up customer base. The website changes, on the other hand, are another matter. It isn't as easy to tell whether new players would want to linger considering what the company has recently gone through.

Trying out the webpage, however, it's almost irresistible to request a free membership. The aesthetics are gorgeous and its vast selection of games guarantees hours of Mr Green Casino Logoentertainment. Put together with its simplistic, flash-based layout and even the most inept at online navigation would be able to play.

Only time will tell if Austria's appeal puts a large enough dent in the company's earnings to make a real difference but the online experience, as it stands, is an appealing one and should further increase Mr Green's total revenue for years to come.

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Mr Green Mobile Casino Bid to Win Back Players
Mr Green's disappointing Q3 leads mobile casino to entice new players with website makeover and game updates.

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