Mr Green and Quickspin Ink New Content Deal

Logo Mr GreenLike a young, ambitious nephew, Mr Green is slowly making its way up in the world. Released in 2008, it has risen up the ranks to be one of the most beloved mobile casinos around. It is generally considered a “go-to” casino for countless players not just in the UK but across the world. And it's about to go higher! Mr Green has closed a deal with fellow Swedish company Quickspin, a slot supplier, that will give the casino access to a whole host of new games and content. As if it didn't have plenty of it already. Talk about exciting!

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Mobile First Policy

mr-green-casino-bannerMr Green is well known for its ‘mobile-first' policy which is generally believed to be the way of the future. Makes sense as more and more players are using tablets and phones to gamble.

With said philosophy in mind, they have approached Quickspin with the intention of making mobile access easier. With this new deal, Mr Green now has access to titles such as Razortooth, Crystal Queen and Second Strike. Some describe this as “a match in iGaming heaven”.

Management at Mr Green and Quickspin have confessed how delighted they are by this new partnership: “We are always interested in offering our players new and exciting slots and we’re pleased to be able to add Quickspin’s content to our offering,”commented Mr Green casino director Andy Braithwaite.

Benefits of the Deal

In addition to a new stock of quality games at the casino, there will be many new Quickspin built-in offers for players to use.

The Marvellous Mr Green Feature Image“I’m really pleased to have entered into this partnership with Mr Green, whose mobile-first philosophy is very similar to our own,” said Daniel Lindberg, chief executive of Quickspin.

Both parties will benefit from this partnership. Mr Green, as mentioned, is a prosperous casino, even more so since it's redesign and Quickspin has been gaining popularity with hours of content for its players.  

“I’m also confident that Mr Green will benefit from the delivery of the games on our platform and the innovative promotional tools which come with them,” continued Lindberg.

Our verdict on the deal? Well, if it wasn't obvious already, we think this is a fantastic thing ton happen! We look forward to the amount of content that will be made available in the near future.

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