New Technology to Aid Responsible Gambling at Mobile Casinos

Responsible Gambling analyticsThe gambling industry is never too far away from controversy regarding addictive behaviours. The truth is that the majority of gamblers are able to bet responsibly and only play within their means, but the thrill of gambling can be addictive and as such the industry must continually search for means of prevention and treatment.

A collaboration between the City of London University and software analytics company Bet Buddy has produced a new form of technology, which will allow casinos to monitor and detect the early warning signs of addictive behaviour.

The software can tell exactly when the player begins to show signs of problem gambling allowing casinos to engage in the issue and spearhead it before it's too late.

Bet Buddy logoBased on data shared from other players that had contacted casinos to either block or limit their access, the new software is already in use by leading online casinos like bet365 and Mr. Green.

The system will also allow casino operators to direct specific marketing campaigns to players based upon their gambling habits, games played and so on and so forth.

With the data in the hands of the casinos, operators can also stop sending marketing emails and even contact the player personally to help them through a problem period and to seek help.

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