Playtech Secures Warner Brothers Licensing Deal

Playtech LogoOne of the UK's top igambling software developers, PlayTech, have now signed a deal with Warner Bros that will give them license to create themed games based around their intellectual properties, particularly their DC Comic Universe which will be largely adapted into film within the next few years. Yes, you heard that right: Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and Green Latern will have games developed by PlayTech.  Comic book geeks everywhere will be sure to start gambling soon!

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Grand Opportunities

Warner_Bros._Pictures_logo.svgAlready having their finger in the pie over at Marvel, PlayTech's grip on the superhero slot market is definitely a strong one. Now that they have signed this deal with Warner Bros., it could be argued that they will become a force to be reckoned with. DC and Marvel are the two largest superhero-comic book giants and with all of their big-name titles being adapted for film, there's a huge potential for enourmous earnings.

The license offers PlayTech the complete freedom to create new casino games themed after the popular Batman television series Gotham, which many fans are sure to enjoy. Sure to follow are slots based on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel movie franchise,  the comic book version of Superman and Green Lantern since all of the films were produced by Warner Bros. This will also include superheroes like Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman, which will have their own TV series or film in the near future.

In statement made by the Playtech chief executive, all of the premium new games will be launched from a single platform, meaning players will get to access them all on one account on a single device. So not only will this be a huge step forward business-wise but the experience for the player will also make leaps and bounds, not to mention the technological implications which could revolutionise the way we play games.


Where will it be available?

XDBCH2awThe new slots will be ready to play for customers at top online casinos powered by Playtech, such as Bet365, Omni Casino, Video Slots Casino and Dafabet Casino. Players are definitely keen on what the developer can do with the new opportunities and this should put PlayTech at the top of the developer tree with the help of regular new releases that will get a lot of attention. So PlayTech loyalists should keep a good eye out in the months to come for their favourite superhero to land at their casino.

Find PlayTech Games at Bet365 Casino

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One thought on “Playtech Secures Warner Brothers Licensing Deal

  1. will this mean perhaps that Playtech’s deal with Marvel (Disney) is coming to an end?
    In 2013/2014 there were rumours that marvel slots will be discontinued but they are still out there.
    Do you know anything about this?

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