Playtech Gaming’s 2015 Results Great News for Players

Playtech LogoNetEnt isn't the only software provider that has experienced enormous success last year. One of its major rivals, Playtech, has come out publically with 2015's financial figures and they show that the company has experienced a huge rise in revenue. More money can only mean more games being developed and, with their extensive mobile platform spanning across all devices and many online casinos, this can only be good news.

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The Biggest Gains

money managementIt has come through that Playtech's biggest gain from last year was from revenue. Year-on-year, the company has experienced an increase by 38%, earning over £490 million.

In 2015, however, the increase was up to 22% with over £200 million in revenue — all in a single year! Once all the outgoings were calculated, the overall net profit from this revenue has been about £150m year-on-year, an increase of about 8%.

This is staggering once you consider that this steep increase has occurred despite a “hiccup” in net profits which was down by 3%. This was due to an adjustment to new regulations such as Point of Consumption which had to be fully integrated into the company's cash-flow. Still, Playtech still managed to rake in a profit of £668 million in 2015.

The Secret to Success

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Not all of Playtech's earnings was down to pure luck, however. It was, in large part, down to the company's gaming division which surpassed the growth of the company's .com business last year. We won't bore you with more figures but basically, all gaming revenue was up by 36% from 2014 which was a large increase that was thanks to Playtech's array of brilliant games.

For players, this success can only mean that they will set themselves up with more online casinos, giving them the chance to access their favourite Playtech titles from different sources. Playtech's list of casinos is already pretty long, the most prominent of which are Bet365 and Mr Green, displaying a variety of sports titles, bingo rooms and live casino games.

The Future

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Playtech may already be a leading software developer but it can still be top if it carries on gaining success after success. Its newly formed financial division reassured that, despite reforms in the company's infrastructure, they have coped well.

Playtech chairman Alan Jackson even said that the good results the company carried were indebted to the gains from their new omni-channel product offerings as well as an all-new-and-improved business model.

What this business model entails is unclear but it's certainly working!

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