Quickspin Unveils Promotional Tools & Launches New Slot


Software developer Quickspin has recently expanded its services by releasing a whole host of new promotional tools to its current online operators to reward their players for loyalty, plus a new online video slot too. Designed for online casino brands, the promotional tools will provide unique free rounds on all Quickspin-developed games in the online casinos' arsenal which gives players up to six betting options. How cool is that?

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The Promotional Tools


This new set of promotion tools could potentially be revolutionary. In addition to allowing players six new betting methods on all of their existing games, Quickspin has drawn up a new feature trigger which allows them to experience the free spin bonus round on any of Quickspin slots.

This doesn't just lie in the hands of the customers, however. The casinos will be able to select which players deserve to be granted access to the feature as well as which games can feature said bonus rounds, putting the tool entirely within their control.

Daniel Lindberg, chief executive of Quickspin, said: “existing promotional tools tend to revolve around what the operator and their supplier can offer – not what suits the needs of the player. Ours are the next generation and give clients the flexibility to customise their offers to individual players.”

This is just another example of technology within the industry making a massive leap forward. Not only does it help build the relationship between online operators and their customer base, but it increases money payouts for both.


The New Slot

One of the games that the bonus round will feature on is Second Strike, the latest slot title to be launched by Quickspin.Second Strike slotThe 10-line slot is based on classic fruit machines and features a special bonus. Symbols are added to the reels if the outer wheel marker halts on the symbol from any starting line win, and players are rewarded with 6 to 10 additional symbols for a second enormous win.

“Second Strike is a great new game which will boost player engagement with its simple but elegant game mechanics,” Lindberg said. “As our extensive list of game releases this year show, we endeavour to make all of our games unique, which is why they’re loved by players and operators alike.”

We have been waiting with bated breath for Second Strike to make its debut and we cannot wait to see it with this new promotional tool incorporated into its design. It's also exciting to see where this will take the casinos that are under the Quickspin umbrella.

>Take a look at our preview for Second Strike here.

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