UKGC Considers New Mobile Casino Software Standards

ukgcUKGC (or The UK Gambling Commission) has announced its intention to launch a consultation over some proposed changes to its existing strategy which addresses the agreement to implement remote gambling and software technical standards.The national regulation body is looking to conduct some market research before said consultation with licensed casinos, text houses and their customer-base. More restricting measures!? Don't worry. This time it only concerns software updates.

The consultation shall discuss a more simple way of outlining major and minor updates to games and software so that licensed casinos and players will known which products need to be tested before they are released.

Top Software and Network ProvidersIn addition to these software updates, the UKGC also suggested that it creates a “greater scope” for minor updates (that will leave game fairness well alone) to be tested in-house as well as a more streamlined approach of testing multiple updates.

Some other changes include additional guidance when it comes to the roll-out of existing games onto new channels, a more effective return to player (RTP) monitoring to make sure variations in payments for players, and a completely independent yearly audit requirement to provide assurance that casinos are correctly identifying and managing game updates.

This comes after the UKGC last month introduced more regulations on spending limits and “reality checks” for players.

ukgc“The complexity of the online gambling market and growth in our regulatory sphere have reinforced the need to ensure that the standards set out in the Testing Strategy remain clear, transparent and promote an efficient and effective approach to regulation,” the UKGC said in a statement.

“It is important that operators have in place sufficient controls to protect consumers from faulty games and where possible offer clear and detailed explanations of game performance.”

Some players may feel that the UKGC are being very restrictive in their regulations as they threatened mobile casinos with tighter rules if they did not promote responsible gambling. We here at Droid Slots believe that, although it may seem unfair, the UKGC's job is to protect players from the dangers of online gambling. We would certainly miss them if they weren't around.

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