How The New iPad Pro And iPhone 6s Will Affect Your Mobile Gambling

apple logoAnother year, another batch of Apple products comes our way yet again. With new technology comes new opportunities for change in the mobile gambling market. This new range of apple platforms may be the ones to revolutionise the way we play.

With the upcoming release of the new iPad Pro and the release date of the iPhone 6s just around the corner, we thought we'd take a look at some of the big changes coming to these systems; and the changes this means for your mobile gambling.


The iPad Pro & iPhone 6s

On September 25th, the new iPhone 6s will be released. Pre-orders are currently being taken now for the iPhone, whilst the iPad Pro is rumoured to have a November release ipad iphone

Both of them will obviously be coming with all the regular additions and upgrades you'd expect from a new product release. More powerful hardware, better battery life and flashier apps are all on the cards. As with all these updates, it's likely there'll be some issues with certain apps running, which may affect your mobile gambling; but early reports and reviews indicate that iOS9 functions much the same as iOS8.

There are however a few key differences in the hardware and software which could definitely affect the way you play and deposit at your mobile casinos. We'll take a look through the changes made to each device and see what might in store for the next few years of mobile gambling.

The Big Change: iOS9

The biggest change witios9h the new platforms is the new iOS. Any new update of iOS always brings new features and changes to the whole iPhone range. The important thing to note about iOS9 is that it isn't just available for the new iPhone and iPad. Previous models allow you to update your iOS to have the benefits of the new software, without having to upgrade your hardware.


iOS9 will be also available to download on the following ranges of iPhone and iPad:


  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5iapple range
  • Phone 4S


  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini

For those so inclined, it'll even be available on the iPod Touch 5G

Big Changes

The changes being made differ greatly between the iPhone and iPad range in terms of what iOS9 provides. Both are having a revamp to their the way they both function with Apple Pay, to make the eWallet more compatible with the whole range of products. This move to push Apple Pay is one of the biggest changes to the gambling industry and will be discussed more below.

Regarding iPads alipad multitaskone, iOS9 brings with it the ability to have multiple programs open on the same screen. This will be a major shift to making mobile gambling more bearable. Personally, I've always preferred desktop gambling due to the ability to have multiple tabs open: to spin, surf the net, or just check out the rest of the casino while playing.

Until now this has never be an option for mobile gamblers, so hopefully, with the simplicity of multiple tabs, this could drive a lot of people to being happier to mobile gamble, even in the house.

The more people who mobile gamble, the more mobile casinos there'll be, so a simple experience improvement like this could easily affect how common mobile casinos are in the future.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the more exciting things to come to mobile gambling in a while. We've spoken about advancements to mobile depositing here before, especially in regards to Android Pay, which is set to release late this year.Apple pay logo

These new range of eWallets are incredibly exciting due to how much they combine the advantages of  other deposit systems.

  • The ability to use an eWallet separate from your bank account
  • Transfer money to bank account anonymously
  • Secured with iPhone 6s' more accurate thumbprint reader

You have a payment system that is fast, secure and anonymous. Services like Apple Pay look to take over how we pay for not only casino depositing, but most of our other transactions as well.

How And Why They're Making It Simpler

Currently, things aren't going well for Apple Pay. Despite our own love of it, only 3% of iPhone 6 users regularly use the service, even though it's accepted in many major chains. Data taken back in March, at the launch of Apple Pay in the UK, indicated that 39.3% of users had used it recently. This dropped down to 23% by June.

As the months have continued, it seems only plausible that the numbers are continuing to drop, so Apple have done their best to revamp the payment system in order to be simpler to use.

Several things have been done to achieve this:

  • Improving the time it takes for the contactless payment to complete
  • Reliability and speed of the fingerprint touch ID
  • Apple Pay has also been moved from the Passbook app, to being located in its own section called “Wallet”.

Hopefully, this'll make it a lot easier to find and use for the majority of people.


Apple getting behind Apple Pay is only one part of the interesting future of eWallets. Up until now, Apple has been completely alone in this market, having time to slowly tweak and change things at their own paceapple android samsung pay. With Android Pay and Samsung's payment system on the way, that comfort they had will now be gone.

Competition is always good for the consumer, as now these companies will have to refine their products to better suit the customers' expectations. With the pressure on for Apple to make Apple Pay work with the upcoming competition, we can hopefully expect a lot more changes to come to the payment system across the lifetime of iOS9.

iPad Pro Hardware Changes

The iPad Pro has arrived with the most peripheral and hardware changes to separate it from the previous line up of iPads. The biggest of these changes are:

  • Multiple Programs to be open at the same time
  • Keyboard and mouse attachment
  • Stylus attachment

From a hardware perspective, the iPad Pro sounds more like a lapipad protop than a tablet, which wouldn't be a far off comparison. It appears to have gone the same route of the Microsoft Surface, a similar tablet-laptop hybrid, which acts as a tablet with a detachable mouse and keyboard peripheral.

The iPad Pro also comes with a stylus, or pen. This will mostly be used for drawing or graphic design on the machine, but can also allow for more accurate selection on the touch screen.

Effectively, playing mobile casinos on your iPad will be much more like playing from a desktop set up from now. The lines appear to be blurring between desktop and mobile casinos, since tablets are slowly taking on the advantages that they left behind by separating from desktops in the first place.

Since Apple Pay will be available on the iPad Pro also, you can have the ease of desktop gambling, while also having Apple Pay readily available to deposit with. It seems if anything, the changes the new iPad will make to your mobile gambling, will be in fact replicating the desktop gambling experience.

iPhone 6s Hardware Changes

The iPhone 6s is slightly more streamlined when it comes to big hardware changes. It is faster and less battery hungry, but in terms of hardware and software overhauls, it's a much less significant shift than the iPad Pro.

Of course, it'll come with all the Apple Pay improvements as the iPad, but lacks the new multiple programs improvement.

The biggest change is that the new iPhone is thicker. This may seem like a negative, but the underlying reason for this is much more interesting in terms of potential new gambling game experiences.

The inclusion of 3d Touch is both making the iPhone 6s thicker and more interesting.  In effect 3d Touiphone 3d touchch adds an extra sensor below the regular screen. Now the screen can detect the difference between a soft touch of the screen and a hard touch. By pushing the screen down harder than normal, the phone detects it as a different input.

Effectively, this adds the equivalent of a right click to your iPhone. Although a simple change at first, if this kind of technology becomes prominent in the iPhone range, it could possibly lead onto different gambling experiences. Games can only be as good as the inputs to use them. It's why mobile games are often so much more simplistic than games on other platforms. The input simply isn't there.

With new input methods, such as 3d Touch, we could see a gradual shift in the way our gambling games are designed for mobile. For now though, it'll just make browsing your mobile casinos the slightest bit easier.


These are the early days of the new Apple platforms. The new iPad Pro and iPhone 6s have made significant hardware changes in their own way. They certainly differ much more from each other than they once did and we can only predict this could affect mobile gambling into the future.

As tablets become more like laptops and mobiles increase their input methods, gambling experiences across multiple platforms will change with them. Mobile only casinos into the future will be especially interesting if they fully utilise these hardware adaptations that have been made to the iPhone 6s.

But predominantly, it looks like mobile gambling will be an easier experience on your mobile devices now. With better hardware, the continuing roll out of Apple Pay and other mobile eWallets hot on its tail; it looks like the biggest change to the way we gamble will be the way we pay.

But as iOS9 develops, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

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