Irish “Lottery Syndicate” Bags €66 Million Jackpot

william-hill-irish-lottery-2Talk about luck of the Irish. The Euromillions reached a staggering €130 million (£101 million) jackpot last month in the Irish lottery when a group of friends in Carlow, Ireland, claimed their share of €66 million (£51 million).

Known simply as a lottery syndicate, the group all bought tickets for the Irish national lottery on January 27th and claimed their winnings from the National Lottery office in Dublin on 10th February. Confused?

How can a group of people win the lottery? Also, are they willing to share? Just kidding. Seriously, though, how is that possible? It's very, very, very unlikely that one person wins the lottery, let alone several of them at once. But according to statistics, organising a lottery syndicate can increase your chances significantly. Read on to find out how.

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

euro-millionsThe concept is simpler than you think and is increasing in popularity (with good reason). Basically, a lottery syndicate is a group of people who come together to buy lottery tickets under the agreement that the prize is shared equally among everyone in the syndicate. This increases the chances of winning significantly since there are many more tickets and thus more chances at hitting the jackpot (so long as it's not too many, obviously).

Even in the unlikely event of the prize money being won, sharing it is only logical as the sheer amount is still life-changing — such is the power of major lotteries. Statistics show that one in five lotteries is won by a syndicate. Although the EuroMillions winners wish to remain anonymous, the fact that they were part a lottery syndicate has become a big story across Ireland and rightly so for even with increased chances to win the lottery, they're still very slim.

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A Worldwide Phenomenon

lottery-syndicateThe Lottery is a worldwide past-time with people in many countries partaking in it. However, with the growth and spread of the internet, not only are syndicates allowing people to gain betting chances at winning, they're offering it at a smaller cost and with easier access.

Online lottery ticket agents like The Lotter, Play Huge Lottos and Play Euro Millions give customers from every corner of the globe to buy tickets online for each dra and they don't have to be popular like the EuroMillions lottery but they can cover the big events in the US and from other major markets as well.



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