mFortune Casino Makes it Easier to Join its VIP Program

mfortune vip program

mFortune Casino has a VIP program like any other casino does. The idea is simple: you get more from your casino, but you must put more back in through higher wagers and deposits. But that loyalty takes a while to gain and players will have to spend a lot of time at the tables to prove they're worthy of being invited into the VIP program.

That's why mFortune has relaunched its VIP service, with all new terms, offering you a deal that's great for you and gives you a chance to gain instant access to their VIP section.

join the mfortune vip program today!

Entering mFortune's VIP Program

vip program mfortunemFortune have decided the best way to make them aware of your interest in the VIP program is through a deposit match. If you deposit £500, you get an additional £250 absolutely free of charge.

Like their standout “keep what you win” welcome bonus, which gives you £5 free for signing up without any wagering requirements, mFortune are doing the same with a deposit match for the high rollers.

That £250 gives you 50% of your initial deposit, without any wagering requirements. That's £250 free for you to wager and win in the casino straight away. There are some limits to this money, the most notable of which is the inability to withdraw it immediately.

The £250 must be staked back into the casino before you can withdraw on the winnings, but you won't have to deposit any further money into the casino. You can start wagering and winning on it from the moment it's placed in your wallet.

What Happens From There?

As soon as you deposit an amount of £500 or more, you get immediate VIP status. You'll never earn more from your deposit match than £250, so depositing more than £500 isn't required. As soon as the deposit is complete, you gain VIP status and skip a lot of steps to proving your loyalty. It's as simple as that.

VIP Program Benefits

The VIP program promises a lot of benefits and unique promos to the players. Given the £500 entrance fee, you'd expect these to be pretty good and on the whole, they appear to be.

We'll break down the major changes that you should expect to see to your casino experience, if you go down the road of a VIP.

  • Improved Customer Service – The customer service at mfortune vip benefitsmFortune is changed to 24/7 live chat and telephone line, so you can get help for any problem at any time.
  • Early Game Access – VIP players are given the chance to play new mFortune slots, a week in advance. You even get an additional bonus on them.
  • VIP Promotions – Raffles, happy hours, bingo promotions and special weekly deposit matches are all offered regularly for VIP players only.
  • Once In A Lifetime Gifts – Special raffles held each month promise once in a lifetime experiences to be won, from concerts to amazing trips all over the world.
  • Hampers And Personalised Treats – VIP holders will also receive special hampers and personalised gifts periodically, just for being a member.

Sadly, we don't have the bankroll it takes to become VIPs, so we can't break through a lot of the sales talk that makes up the promise of a great VIP program. But on the face of it, if you have the money to spend, mFortune's promise of improved service and weekly promos does appear to deliver a great VIP program on the face of it.

Become A VIP With mFortune Casino

mFortune's VIP program was already one ofmfortune small logo the best and may very well have pulled ahead to be the best around. A varied selection of bonuses, with generous rewards and a library of exclusive, high quality games were already a convincing reason to become part of the VIP club.

mFortune have finally given players a clear and simple method to joining their VIP program, without a vague requirement to use the casino long term, like other casinos do. That method also rewards you instantly with a free £250. It's a VIP program which is open, clear and rewarding from the start. If that sounds good to you, then you can head on over there as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

start your journey to becoming a vip today!

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