mFortune Mobile Casino Reveals Revolutionary Face Recognition Technology

UPDATE: Splink was unfortunately an April Fool's joke dreamed up by the team at mFortune. While we won't be able to spin using only our eyes any time soon, there's still plenty of reasons to head over to the site and play on its unique and enjoyable slots.
splink-2 (2)Favourite mobile casino of ours, mFortune, has revealed a massive technological breakthrough. Known as Splink, this ingenious piece of technology could potentially revolutionise the entire online gambling industry and make mFortune pioneers in body motion technology. And it's due to arrive within a few short weeks. We cannot tell you how excited we about this!

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What is Splink?

splink-3 (2)‘Splink' is a combination of the two words ‘spin' and ‘blink'. Described as a ‘world-first' by mFortune, this stunning piece of new technology implements the most basic, unconscious body motion (besides breathing) and allows it to automatically spin their reels. Yes, you can blink (or ‘splink') instead of pressing the spin button on an mFortune reel!

This radical piece of software development comes with mFortune's latest title Buck-A-Reels,  a swash-buckling slot downloadable on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Android shop. The software comes pre-installed so you don't have to worry about having to download anything extra in order for it to work.

Using ultra-fast motion detectors, Splink is taking the gaming industry leaps and bounds into a future which could see all sorts of innovation taking place. Some experts, however, do not approve. Leading evolutionary scientist, Dr Iris Gellar, said: “The evolution of the opposable or prehensile thumb usually associated with Homo Habilis evolved over 1.4 million years ago. Technological advances such as these almost render our thumbs useless.

mfortune small logoOthers are taking a more positive attitude. In response to the criticisms, mFortune’s Technology Division Símon Petrov  said: “From the company that brought you the first ever Texas Hold Em game on mobile, this is just another step in an amazing journey. For the moment we aren’t thinking beyond what this brings to mobile gaming, but in the future this could be the new right-click”.

We here at Droid Slots welcome this change in technology and always open to new ideas. We doubt splinking will lead to the downfall of the human race.

How does it work?

To demonstrate this achievement, mFortune have released a video briefly outlining how Splink will work. You can watch this video below.

For something so complicated we must say the use of Splink is remarkably simple in its nature. Using the front camera of your phone, it makes countless calculations using algorithms that track the motions of your eyelids all to spin the reel on a slot game. In order for it to work effectively, the user has to be looking at the screen with a distance  between 7-10 inches and allow nothing (such as hair or sunglasses) to obstruct your eyes.

Imagine what else this could be used for! Setting an egg-timer, driving a car… All with a blink of an eye. We eagerly anticipate the next wave of devices that'll inevitably implement this software into their operating systems.

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