Two New Microgaming Mobile Slots Coming 3rd Feb at Guts Casino

guts microgaming casinoMicrogaming is off to a great start in 2016, releasing a double helping of slots on the same day. That special date is set for the 3rd February, with both new slots gracing their presence at Guts Casino.

The two slots on offer are Bikini Party and Dragon Dance, with the former set during a volleyball party and the latter set in ancient fantasy China. They couldn't be further apart in theme, but let's take a look at their gameplay to see if they distinguish themselves enough to get excited about.

Play new microgaming slots at guts casino!

Microgaming Slots Breakdown

Summing up both these slots is pretty simple. Aside from theme, the two slots are relatively similar. Below are the main features they have in common.

  • 5 x 3 reel with 243 ways to win
  • Scatter & Wild symbols
  • Free spins mode
  • Pay to Reel Respin feature

Reel Respin Feature & 243 Ways To Win

These are the modern staples of a243 ways to winny Microgaming slot. 243 ways to win is Microgaming's current payline system, or more accurately, a lack of a payline system. Microgaming have gone for an adjacent payline model.

This means that symbols must be lined up adjacently, from the left to the right of the slot, in order to be counted as a valid payline. That tradition continues on into Bikini Party and Dragon Dance, and we can only expect it continue.

The reel respin feature is a more recent ad
dition, with its first prominent appearance being made in Dragon Dance, an event which we've been awaiting eagerly since the end of last year. It also appears to be making an appearance in Bikini Party, which can only be a good thing, showing that Microgaming are eager to push the feature.

Reel respins allows you one respin on each reel of the slot. Every respin costs the player money. The amount charged is relative to the amount they have the potential to earn if the respin results in a successful payline.

For instance, if you almost had a line dragon dance reel respinof slots that would earn you a prize that was 10x your wager, then the charge to respin would be significantly higher than a payline that had the potential to earn you 2x on a successful respin.

It's a great way to give you another chance to hit big, whilst also having the added risk of a higher wager. It adds another layer of strategy and risk to the slot, which should aim to make Microgaming games some of the more tense slots leading into 2016.

Bikini Party Slot

bikini party free spinsMicrogaming could be accused of aiming directly for the low hanging fruit with this slot theme. We would be inclined to agree, but it is definitely an interesting choice of theme from a slot maker who usually sticks to pretty tame themes in the past.

Outside of their usual style, which usually comprises Chinese themes or Safari animals, Bikini Party is a step out of the comfort zone for Microgaming. Visuals aside though, the slot has a few hidden extras that make it worth checking out.

The fact it's only the second reel respin enabled Microgaming slot, makes it especially interesting. On top of that, the slot also comes with a free spins mode, so you get both the chance to pay for respins and then get some free spins as a complimentary reward.

Dragon Dance Slot

dragon dance free spinsDragon Dance is the first Microgaming slot we caught wind of at the start of 2016 and on the 3rd February it finally arrives after 2 months of waiting. The slot comes complete with the standard Microgaming affair of 243 ways to win and a solid free spins mode, which offers 3x bonuses for every win.

Dragon Dance had us excited enough at its reel respins, but the generous free spins mode, which adds bonuses to every spin, only takes our enthusiasm further. We'll be waiting eagerly until it drops at Guts Casino on that date.

A Microgaming February At Guts Casino

Guts Casino Birthday Logo

February looks to be the month of Microgaming. Very few other slot providers are releasing during the month and it's passed the point for them to announce now. If you're looking for a new slot to play for the next month, then Microgaming look to be the only ones providing anything new.

So your answer to the question we just put in your mouth is simple enough. It's Bikini Party and Dragon Dance at Guts Casino from the 3rd February. They're bringing something new to the casinos that you've never seen before. So whether its bikini babes or Chinese dragons that you want; reel respins and free spins are on the way to you.

Play new microgaming slots at guts casino!

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