National Lottery Continues Campaign to Bring Back Players

UK National Lottery LogoConcerns have been rising over the past few months within the Camelot Group, the owners of the National Lottery. They've been in damage control ever since they had mass threats to boycott the weekly draw in the wake of the addition of 10 numbers to the regular 49 numbers, totaling the roster of lottery balls to 59.

Players have complained that this has made their chances of winning drop significantly. Camelot have rolled out several campaigns, with their latest being the “No Chance” advertising campaign in a bid to inject a bit of humour into their soured PR.

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Rebuilding Bridges: How The Lottery Is Winning The Public Back

national lottery apologyThe issue customers have with the recent additional numbers to the lottery numbers is that the odds of winning were raised from 1 in 14 million, to 1 in 45 million. Camelot argue that the increased numbers have allowed for them to have increased jackpots, putting the National Lottery on par with the bigger jackpots, such as those seen from EuroMillions.

The promise of bigger jackpots has been kept, with National Lottery jackpots reaching the highest they've ever been as of late. However, this increased jackpot comes from the fact that the prize is less likely to be won as often. Camelot feel that the extra risk/reward is worth it in the end, whereas many have very openly disagreed.

“Flowers & Dinner For Two” Campaign

From a few weeks ago, Camelot started offering gifts to anyone who bought a lottery ticket. By heading to their site and inputting the serial number of the ticket, players are rewarded with a choice of several bonus gifts.

  • A £5 bouquet of flowersnational lottery gift
  • £5 off meals for 2 at any Greene King owned pub
  • Free 2 day pass at any Fitness First Gym
  • A month's subscription to a magazine

This campaign is still going, so if you've bought a ticket then you can go ahead and claim your free gift right now, from one of the above.

It was just a start, to what looks like, a long term campaign for the National Lottery to give extra value to its discouraged players and win them back.

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“No Chance” Campaign

In conjunction with the gift giveaway, the National Lottery has also launched a new advertising campaign called “No Chance”. The ads show people asking for things that will never happen, such as an office worker asking the IT guy to come and fix her computer.

They then counter this by saying that at least there's a 1 in 4 chance of winning a prize with their scratchcards. The motivation for this move is clear. Not only is it an attempt to add a kinder face to the National Lottery to win back favour, but it's a clear move to show people that the lottery is still possible to win.

Taking A Gamble

national lottery winWhatever your thoughts may be on the increase of lottery balls, it is at least heartening to see that Camelot are making moves to make amends. Many would like to see a reduced ball count as the ultimate amends, but that's very unlikely to happen.

For now, we'll probably expect to see the National Lottery continuing its campaign to win back the punters. Whether it's the free gifts, funny ads, or simply when the bigger jackpots start being handed out; it'll be interesting to see how the lottery changes in the wake of the recent upset.

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