NetEnt Announces 3D Sound Tech for its Mobile Slots

netent 3d soundNetEnt made an interesting announcement at the annual ICE conference. Sadly, it's not a new game, but it is technology that should seek to improve future releases and possibly the classics. That renovation is 3D sound.

3D sound is a method of giving sounds different locations relative to the listener. It's not set to drastically change the way any of their slots play, but it could very well make each one of their games much more immersive as a result.

What Is 3D Sound?

Before you can be interested in 3D sound, it definitely helps to know what it actually is. A good starting point to imagine it, is to think of 3D space. Hopefully, that won't be too hard since we exist in it every moment.

The first thing to mention is that 3D sound only works with headphones on. This isn't something can work from any speaker system.

With standard headphones, you have a left and a right audio channel, with left sound coming into the left headphone and vice versa. But unlike real life, this doesn't truly capture how sound works.

headphone soundIn real life you can tell if a sound is coming from behind you in real life. But hear a noise that's supposed to be behind you through some standard headphones and the sound will just be playing through both your ears, with no sense of where the sound actually is in relation to you.

3D sound gives you a sense of space with sound. If a
sound is supposed to be coming from behind you, you'll hear it as such. If it's supposed to be above you, it'll sound like it's there as well.  The sound will play at a volume and within each relevant side of your headphones to create this effect. It's a really great technique to creating more realistic audio.

What Will This Add To Slots?

The example they use to demo 3Dspinata grande sound is the Spinata Grande slot. As you can tell the sound is immediately more vibrant than the regular edition. One of the things NetEnt already fly above and beyond the competition in, is its sound design; having produced some of the most iconic sound effects around.

Infusing this already amazing sound with their 3D technology, will just make every slot even more impressive. Overall, it won't change how the slots play, but it'll add a whole new layer of life every time you play.

When Will We See It In NetEnt Games?

NetEnt haven't made any specific mentions of when or if this will start appearing in their games. Given the fact they've made an announcement, we can at least tell it's important enough to them that they're bringing attention to it.

It's most likely that they'll intronetent rocksduce it in a newer game as they often bring out a game based around a singular feature whenever they innovate. Given that they're set to bring out both a Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead slot, which are all about the audio, it would make them the perfect platforms.

It may still be possible it could release aloha netentwith their Aloha Cluster Pays slot, but there's been no further details about it and the release date is extremely close. This seems to be the kind of feature NetEnt would make some noise about, so we're guessing it won't be until the later slots drop, that we'll hear more about it.

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