NetEnt Launches Viking Series Video Slots

02nd January2 min read

Less convoluted than Game of Thrones and nowhere near as nuanced as The Tudors, Vikings has grown to become many people's favourite TV history romp since it first landed on our screens back in 2013. For those who’ve yet to fall under its spell, Vikings is inspired by the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse warrior who loved nothing more than popping over to England or France for a spot of recreational violence whenever he was bored.

Filmed in Ireland, the show – which has become increasingly ambitious in its sweep – has just started its sixth season run, with Ragnar’s equally ambitious sons now taking centre stage following their old man’s (spoilers!) demise.

Now we all know that NetEnt has good form in the old branded TV/movie conversion department. Indeed, it's managed to rack up two absolute belters: The Phantom’s Curse and the Jumanji video slots. So it should come as no surprise that the Stockholm-based outfit took on the mantle of transferring the brooding ambience and visceral action of Vikings to eagerly awaiting slot fans with gusto.

And those fans will certainly not be disappointed – that brooding ambience and visceral action we mentioned are both very much at the forefront of the five-reel, three-row, 243 betways video slot that recently landed on the shores of the iGaming realm with all the subtlety of a hungover Norse warlord rocking up for a Black Friday store sale.

Along with an eerie, almost spooky intro, the Vikings online slot uses ‘immersive footage and imagery inspired by the historical drama’ to splendid effect, making you feel like you’ve entered the saga right from the get-go. The inclusion of leading characters like Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) himself adds to the instant appeal even more.

The game also has some rather magical features, the most notable of which are the Raid Spins symbol and Raid Spins mode that can augment Vikings to play as a seven-reel, five-row slot with a 78,125 payline. Some other pretty cool features include the HotSpot, and the highly satisfying Shield Wall Feature that's invariably accompanied by an addictive “Shield Wall!” battle cry whenever it triggers.

Throw in the fact that Vikings has the potential to deliver a maximum 10,000 times return of your stake and it’s clear that, along with plentiful additional multipliers and/or Free Spins opportunities, you’re always tantalisingly close to plundering some excitingly large returns whenever you settle down for a session of armchair pillaging at these highly evocative slot reels.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why NetEnt itself is pretty pleased with its offering. NetEnt director of game products Bryan Upton has gone on record to say: “Since first announcing the partnership at ICE in February the anticipation and excitement has been building all year. At NetEnt, we are huge fans of Vikings too and are delighted with the product we’ve created.”

And so they should be – it really is another belter. The only possible gripe one might have with Vikings is that it should perhaps carry a warning of some kind that says: ‘Note – this product will make you shout out “Shield wall!” at the most inopportune moments’.

If you wish to grab your sword and stampede into battle you can give this slot a go with our friends at Casumo.

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