New Casino: Cupcake Bingo Launch!

Cupcake Bingo feature imageToday Droid Slots is here to tell you that there is a new casino-cum-bakery in town… Wait, what? Truth is, this casino in question is actually the sweetest showbiz shop-front online focusing heavily on bingo and, well, cupcakes.

Cupcake Bingo would appear, by name, to love a little bit of bingo. But that isn't to say that there isn't something for everyone at this heart-warming confectionary-based collosus!

At a Glance

Cupcake Bingo is awash with pastel colours and kitchen condiments. The homepage features more polka dots and cupcakes than I ever thought I'd see at a casino but we're in 2015 now and everybody has to keep an open mind. Besides, I quite like it.

The site offers two main formats of gaming, though naturally as a bingo site they focus heavily on pushing this facet, and that is where most of the big promotions lie. The games on offer are sorted by the types of players the site administrators think might be looking for a tasty bite of bingo or even the whole cake. There are Big Jackpots daily at 9pm,  Progressive Jackpots, Live Bingo, chat bingo, free bingo and cheap & cheerful.

We at Droid Slots think this great level of variation means that everyone who enjoys the occasional legs eleven or two fat ladies will find something to suit them at Cupcake Bingo.



Portrait iPhone screenshot of Cupcake Bingo slot games selectionLet us also not forget the diversity that modern technology is able to bring us. Sure, Cupcake Bingo is geared towards bingo players (and cupcake lovers), but this doesn't mean they haven't thought twice about those not so keen on digital number calling.

Cupcake Bingo brings over 100 games offerings to the table, including the huge crowd favourite Starburst, various additional progressive jackpot versions of slots games and classics such as roulette and blackjack. All you have to do is simply sign up and deposit with Cupcake Bingo to take advantage of some incredibly generous welcome bonuses available to all new players.

Mobile Site

Quite often mobile casino sites fail to live up to their desktop brother's functionality. Well not at Cupcake Bingo. The mobile site is an absolute dream to use with a more simple, paired back look than the desktop site itself, incredible speed, easy navigation and wonderful graphics. The designers of Cupcake Bingo have gone absolutely all-out on the mobile edition, and their hard work has paid off in abundance.

Key Promotions

One of the deal breakers for any new casino or bingo site in town is whether or not they can bring the big guns out when it comes to promotions. No such problem for Cupcake Bingo who are willing to offer their bingo playing buddies the following:

Landscape screenshot of promotional offers at Cupcake Bingo

Cupcake Bingo have pulled out all the promotional stops!

  • Make your first £10 deposit at Cupcake Bingo and you will receive 300% FREE bingo funds
  • Free Cupcake: make your first deposit of £10 at Cupcake Bingo and get a delicious cupcake delivered straight to your door
  • Your first deposit will also get you a free spin on the Cupcake Wheel for the chance to win even more
  • Many more to be found…



Watch out for a full in-depth review of Cupcake Bingo very soon, with additional news and features!

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