Cloud Quest Slot from Play’n Go Releasing March 10th

cloud quest logoPlay'n Go have been quite shy with slot releases as of late. The last big release from them was Samba Carnival, which itself was already a replica of their Lady of Fortune slot. So now finally, their new slot Cloud Quest, is hitting our casinos on March 10th.

Play'n Go have a reputation for releasing fun and exciting slots. Cloud Quest certainly has the bonus rounds for it. In summary, it looks amazing, but it's also quite complicated. So join us below and we try and decipher its madness.

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Cloud Quest Slot Overview

  • 5×5 grid slot with 10 paylines
  • 10p – £100 betting range
  • Different levels and stages
  • Free spins boss battle mode
  • A ridiculous number of super power bonuses
  • Free re-spins up for grabs on every spin

Cloud Quest Grid Slot Paylines

In terms of look, Cloud Quest is alrecloud quest slot gridady striking in its use of a grid instead of reels. Some of you may have also been worried looking at the low number of paylines, with the slot only totaling 10 paylines.

Fear not. Both the grid layout and payline are a very calculated choice to bringing a whole new way to play.

When it comes to paylines, Cloud Quest counts wins vertically, horizontally and diagonally both ways across the slot. This gives it a total of 10 ways to win. The spread each payline has across the slot, makes it look much more balanced when put into that context.

play n go cloud questThe grid shape allows for continuous symbols to remain on the slot. Symbols are initially dropped onto the slot to begin the game as normal. As lines are made, then those winning symbols are removed and the rest of the symbols fall to fill in the gaps.

Any remaining gaps at the top of the slot are then filled in by new symbols. If there are no lines made on the slot, then the whole grid has its symbols replaced. It's effectively an avalanche slot, but it doesn't reset upon each win.

Cloud Quest Super Powers

cloud quest superheroOkay, this will get ridiculously complicated if we don't split it up right. The good thing about Cloud Quest is that it's a game for those who love bonus rounds. It's looking like not a single spin will go round with something interesting happening.

The whole theme of Cloud Quest is that it's a city of superheroes in the sky. Super powers play a big part in Cloud Quest, with players being able to spin different super powers.

Super Power scatter symbols trigger sections of a Super Power wheel, with each of the 4 sections representing a different super power. After each spin, a pointer spins on the Super Power wheel, triggering any super power it lands on.

The more super power symbols you spin in a winning combination, the more section of the wheel will be activated and so available if the pointer lands on it.

  • 3 Super Power symbols activates 1 section of the wheelcloud quest super power wheel
  • 4 Super Power symbols activates 2 sections of the wheel
  • 5 Super Power symbols activates 3 sections of the wheel

Each super power triggers a re-spin with a unique super power bonus added to the slot. The super powers up for grabs are…

Five of Fortune

In the re-spin, all wins will be given a 5x multiplier.

Emblem of Endurance

3 enduring wilds fall in at one of 2 points of the slot. These wilds will remain until you get a combination that includes all the wilds.

Mark of Multitude

Extra wild symbols are generated wcloud quest super powerithin winning lines of symbols. For instance, the middle symbol of a line of 3 matching symbols will become a wild. If you spin 4 symbols in a line, then the middle 2 will become wilds.

And finally, by filling a whole line with matching symbols, then 3 alternating symbols in the line will become wilds.

Scatter of Success

All symbols can become Super Power symbols. You can yet again light up 3 sections of the Super Power wheel to activate further super power bonuses. This super power also adds in the ability for wild symbols to fall in to the slot at the start of the round. These will remain until you have a winning combination, which may or may not involve those wilds.

… And Finally The Free Spins

cloud quest bonusAs each spin occurs, a row on the grid is stamped as the bonus row. Since scatter symbols are being used for super powers, the bonus row is what triggers the additional free spins bonus round.

If you manage to get a 5 symbol win across the entire bonus row, then you unlock the special free spins boss battle bonus round, which is a good name for it if we say so ourselves.

Free Spins Boss Battle Bonus Round

The free spins mode will award you between 5 – 20 free spins, which is a number selected at random. The free spins round takes place on a single line slot made up of 3 reels.

The set up is that you have to defeat a super villain. The only way to do this of course, is by spinning winning lines of 3 symbols. The number of winning combinations you need to spin to win the level will vary as you advance, increasing as you move up the stages.

cloud quest boss battle

If you get a combination of 3 symbols known as bonus marks, then you defeat the boss instantly without having to fulfill the win quota.

There's 5 stages in total, each containing its own unique boss. For every boss you defeat, you advance a stage and then gain 3 additional free spins. In total this gives you the chance to gain 12 free spins across the 5 bosses, so if you start with the maximum 20 free spins, then your chances of winning go up massively.

cloud quest slotYour winnings are rewarded at the end of the round, whether you won or lost. As usual, you get money for each win depending on which symbols you spin. Additionally, the final boss offers you 100x your original wager if you manage to beat him. And to top it all off, you'll get 2 times your wager for every free spin you have left.

Since you get to keep winnings even if you lose, you always leave with something.

The Bonus Filled Cloud Quest Slot Is Available March 10th At Casumo

If you thought that was a lot to read, then we assureplayn go you, it was only a millionth as hard as it was to work it out from scratch. Cloud Quest's biggest obstacle at the moment may very well be that it is very hard to get into, due to the sheer number of mechanics going on.

Alternatively, we're also left with an incredible bonus packed slot that looks to be one of, if not Play'n Go's best. Wild North had a similar vibe with its ludicrous numbers of bonus rounds and we certainly loved that. Cloud Quest looks set to top it.

If all of that filled you with more excitement than confusion, then March 10th should be a day worth remembering. You can find Cloud Quest at Casumo and other top online casinos when it drops.

play cloud quest in all its bonus filled glory!

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